Wavetek 35T Stealth System Sweep

The Stealth Sweep System is a comprehensive measurement tool designed for testing a wide range of critical parameters for proving system performance and conducting preventative maintenance. Users can test frequency response, signal levels, C/N, hum, depth of modulation, CSO/CTB and intermodulation distortion. These levels can be displayed in the form of a single channel with both video and audio levels shown graphically and numerically, in a tilt mode with up to nine channels displayed on a bar graph, or in a scan mode with all of the channels (including video and audio carriers) displayed. A spectrum display provides a means of checking distortion and ingress.

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Tough, Weatherproof Hand-Held Tool
The 3SR Receiver (Stealth System Sweep Receiver) is very small and lightweight, but there’s no shortcut on its measurement capability or its means of display. The 3SR Receiver’s high resolution display (320 X 240 Dot Matrix LCD) presents extensive measurement information simultaneously. Along with its high accuracy and precision, the 3SR Receiver is tough and durable — made for use in field conditions. No waiting for the rain to stop before making measurements — the 3SR Receiver is a reliable partner, ready when you are.

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Non-Interfering, Continuously Referenced Sweep
The 3SR Receiver references existing carriers when possible, and the 3ST Transmitter (Stealth System Sweep Transmitter) transmits a sweep to fill vacant spectrum areas. To avoid headend level drift or adjustment from affecting the sweep response, the 3ST Transmitter monitors the levels and transmits new reference information with every sweep. This means if the signal levels are changing in the headend, they won’t effect the sweep response measurement. The 3ST Transmitter has all of the measurement capability of the 3SR Receiver, so the Headend Technician can closely monitor headend levels.

Video Depth of Modulation
The video depth of modulation screen provides percent modulation in both graphical and precise numeric format. This feature on the model 3ST makes it easy for the headend technician to do a quick check-up on modulation depth without having to set up special equipment.

Reverse Sweep Option
A Stealth Sweep System configured with a Reverse Sweep (3SRV) option allows simple, practical testing of the frequency response of the reverse path, regardless of the frequency passband (5 to 1,000 MHz range). No special pilot modules are required, as the 3ST transmitter has the frequency agile telemetry and can be configured to communicate on both the forward and reverse paths.

Rent JDSU Acterna 3ST

Extensive Auto Test Capability
Automated tests can be scheduled to perform either FCC compliance tests, or they can be initiated immediately in order to log performance at individual nodes, amplifiers, or other test points. A wide range of tests can be performed automatically, including signal levels, C/N, hum and depth of modulation. Providing unprecedented flexibility, the Stealth enables the operator to designate which tests to perform on which channels. Because tests are non-intrusive, it’s no problem to test all parameters on all channels. After a test is performed, results can be displayed on the Stealth screen with a pass/fail indication on a variety of limits. Limits can be set for FCC or other government standards, or to system preferences. Data taken during any automated test, or sequence of automated tests, can be viewed with a pass/fail indication for each of the limits, and the operator can scroll through the stored data to look at specific measurement results. Automated test results can be printed directly to a printer or uploaded to a PC using StealthWare to store and manage the data or format reports.


Continuously Referenced, Non-Interfering Sweep Frequency Response Measurement
5 MHz to 1 GHz Frequency Range
Easy to Read Graphic Signal Level Measurement; High Resolution LCD (320 x 240 dot matrix)
Durable, Water Resistant Receiver can be Used in Rain
Excellent Level Accuracy over a Wide Temperature Range
Broad Scope of Measurement Capabilities
Spectrum Analyzer Display
Automated 24 Hour FCC Proof Measurements
Digital QAM Carrier Average Power Measurement Option

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