Modular design
Scalable and flexible architecture for large and small hub sites
Self-contained data analysis, measurements and storage
Easy to integrate into existing LAN
Very low data bandwidth required
Only one IP address necessary (independent of RPM cards)
One year of data storage; no database management required
Reliable operation

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The HCU Modular Controller provides the communications gateway to and from the Master System Controller (Server PC) and data monitoring equipment. In addition, the HCU provides the housing for PathTrak monitoring modules, memory for data storage, and an on-board processor for intelligent analysis and control of monitored data.

The HCU communicates to the Master System Controller to notify users of system alarms and status. Users can also initiate contact to the HCU through the Master System Controller to interactively control and view monitoring system data. Largely due to the design of the HCU, the PathTrak Performance Monitoring System is an extremely scalable system, maintaining high performance in large deployments.

Modular Platform Provides Scalable Housing
The HCU housing is an industry standard VME chassis. Each HCU has a specific number of slots available for PathTrak monitoring system modules and cards (i.e., the RPM1000 spectrum analyzer cards). Users are able to construct a system that contains the number and kind of modules to meet their specific needs today, which reduces initial investment costs. Then, as user network architectures grow and needs change, new modules and capability can easily be added.

Rent HCU-400 CATV Meter

Intelligence and Data Storage in HCU Improves System Performance
Each HCU contains a multi-gigabyte hard drive module for storage of monitored performance data and a powerful single board computer module for intelligent analysis. Once the user establishes and downloads monitoring plans to the HCU, the HCU becomes a completely self-managed unit. With so much on-board processing power so close to the monitoring modules, data storage and analysis is much faster, and more extensive intelligence and higher overall system performance is possible.

Local HCU Processing Improves Scalability and Reduces LAN Impact
Since all data storage and analysis is performed in the HCU, communication to the Master System Controller (Server PC) is only required to communicate system status and alarms. Thus, multiple HCUs deployed in multiple remote sites can all perform at equally high speed and will not be restricted by communication links to a central PC controller. This also minimizes network traffic over a user’s LAN or data communications networks. PathTrak does not require a dedicated high bandwidth LAN to monitor peak performance.

Rent Wavetek Acterna HCU-400

Excellent Reliability
After proper setup, the HCU is a completely self managed stand-alone unit. This means it works independent from the LAN. If the LAN has a temporarily outage, the monitoring process still continues. All local processing power is supported by the on-board computer. Because the computer is a VMEindustry type version, the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) is much greater than what’s expected from standard PC’s.

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