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System bandwidth expansion and digital service deployment have placed more demands on installers and service technicians. Today’s installers require a signal level meter that combines advanced measurement capability with the ruggedness needed for everyday field use.

Rent Wavetek Acterna MS-1400 Signal Level Stealth Meter

The MicroStealth family of SLMs offers comprehensive, reliable measurement performance for every skill level of the cable networks technician and engineer.

From field maintenance to installation, to troubleshooting today’s more advanced networks, there is a MicroStealth designed to meet your specific testing needs. All models quickly locate, analyze, and repair network trouble, but each have additional features unique to specific testing and maintenance requirements.

Rent MS-1400


Icon Driven User Interface
6 Channel Scan Installation Check
Configure by Channel or Frequency
Channel Video/Audio Level & Delta FCC & CENELEC Limit Check
Tilt Mode
Prints Current Data
All Channel Scan/Full Scan
Ingress Scan in Reverse Band
Ingress Scan in Forward Band
Customized Channel Plans
Stores Measured Results/Screens
24 Hour Auto Test
Prints Stored Results
Downloads to StealthWare
DigiCheck™  Digital Measurement Digital & Analog Limits
Multi-Lingual LCD Screen
Standard Frequency Range :   5-890 MHz

Rent Wavetek Acterna MS-1400


Frequency Range :  

5 to 890 MHz
Accuracy :   +-10kHz@ 25 C (=-20 kHz over temp.)
Tuning Resolution :   25 kHz

Level Measurement in dB :

Range :   -20 to +50 dBMV
Resolution :   0.1dB

Accuracy :

Flatness :   +-0.75 dB Flatness
Linearity :   +-0.75 dB Flatness
DigiCheck™ :+/-2dB

Six Channel Mode :

Number of Channels :   6
Scan Rate :   < 1 second

Full Scan Mode :

Number of Channels :   120
Scan Rate :   Approx 6 carrier/second

General Dimensions :   

4.25”W x 10”H x 2.5”D
Weight :   0.8 kg. (1.75 lb)
Operating Temp Range :   10 to 50 C (14 to 122F)
Water Resistant :   Exceeds MIL-STD-810D

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