Rent Wavetek LST-1700 CATV Signal Transmitter


LST-1700 Signal Transmitter The Acterna / JDSU / WWG LST-1700 Home Wiring Test Kit (HWTK) helps identify and locate potential problems with home wiring prior to activating new advanced digital services. Extensive testing shows that one of the main challenges to successfully offering new, digitally based services is the existing wiring in the customers home.

Rent  LST-1700

Digital services, including audio, video, Internet, and telephony are less tolerant than traditional analog services of frequency response problems, reflections, group delay, and ingress caused by inferior componetry or poor craftsmanship. Will the existing wiring deliver the quality the customer demands? Should the network provider or homeowner plan to rewire when digital services are activated? You need tools to help answer these questions quickly and accurately because replacing wiring makes new service activation costs high, often limiting the acceptance of new services.

Rent Wavetek LST-1700 CATV

The Acterna CLI-1750, used in conjunction with the Model LST-1700 Signal Transmitter, helps identify and locate potential problems with the distribution network and home wiring prior to activating these new services. The Wavetek / Acterna CLI-1750 and Acterna / JDSU LST-1700 are compact home wiring testers capable of measuring not only routine power levels, but also digital average power, leakage,frequency domain reflectometry (FDR), and sweep, which can be useful for a wide range of trouble shooting from installation to characterizing existing wire. The instruments superior user interface and performance can reduce the installation time and repair cost. Highlights: Complete solution for installers eliminating the need for multiple meters or testers. Easy-to-use, portable, and economical.

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