Rent Wavetek Micro Stealth MS1000 Signal Level Meter


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The Wavetek MS1000 Signal Level Meter is a high performance instrument designed for cable television installers. The durable, waterproof MS1000 makes innovative use of a graphics LCD to simplify operation. The LCD backlight makes measurements easier in crawl spaces and behind TVs. The display is easy to see in bright sunlight.

Rent MS1000



Range: 45 to 550 MHz; 45 to 890 MHz (optional)
Accuracy: +10kHz @ 25°C; (+20 kHz over temp.)
Tuning Resolution: 25 kHz

Level Measurement

Range: -20 to +45 dBmV
Resolution: 0.1 dB
Accuracy: +0.75 dB Flatness; +0.75 dB Linearity

Rent Wavetek MS1000

Six Channel Mode

Number of Channels: 6
Scan Rate: < 1 second


Dimensions: 4.25″ (W) x 10″ (H) x 2.5″ (D)
Weight: 0.8 kg (1.75 lb.)
Operating Temp. Range: -10 to +50°C (14 to 122°F)
Water Resistance: Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810D

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