The MS1300D Signal Level Meter is a high performance instrument designed for cable television technicians. The durable, water resistant MS1300D makes innovative use of a graphics LCD to simplify operation. The LCD backlight makes measurements easier in crawl spaces and behind TVs. The display is easy to see in bright sunlight.

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A scan mode allows you to see the levels of all carriers in a spectral display. You can also view level measurements at a single frequency or for a specific channel. When tuned to a channel, the display indicates the levels of the video and audio carriers, and the difference between the carrier levels.

When performing an installation, you can press the Installation Check key to quickly verify that all channels are within limits that you have defined. You can use this feature to determine whether or not a subscriber connection meets FCC or other government requirements.

A special channel plan building mode automatically determines which channels are active on your cable system. Once you have defined a channel plan, you can copy it to any MicroStealth unit having a built-in serial port. You can also create channel plans using StealthWare, the Windows™ based data management package for Stealth products.

For documentation purposes, you can print any measurement screen to a serial printer (Wavetek P-Stealth Printer). Following an installation check, you can print an installation report that can be filed with the work order. You can also print a report that lists all configuration settings including the channel plan. The MS1300D tunes from 45 to 550 MHz with an option to extend the range to 5 to 890 MHz.

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With the MS1300D, you can store installation checks that you have performed throughout the day. You can also store scan and tilt measurements. Each file is time and date stamped and can be recalled later for viewing on the LCD screen.

When viewing a file, you can adjust the screen settings the same as when you are viewing a “live” measurement. Using the built-in serial port, you can print files and even upload them to StealthWare for further analysis and archiving.


Automated tests are easy with the MS1300D and provide a convenient way of acquiring proof-of-performance compliance data. Tests can be executed immediately or scheduled over a period of time. To conserve battery life, MicroStealth shuts itself off between scheduled intervals. When configuring an Auto Test, you can record information about the location at which the test is being performed. Files can be created for commonly tested locations so you need only enter the information once.

Auto Tests results are time, date, and temperature stamped and can be viewed on the LCD screen. Limits are applied to the measurement data with out-of-tolerance conditions concisely indicated. You can print a test report for each interval or a comprehensive 24 hour report that summarizes data collected from up to four intervals. Auto Test result files can be uploaded to StealthWare.

Rent Wavetek MS1300D


The MS1300D stores channel plans that you have built and edited. This is convenient if you use your MicroStealth for more than one plant. You can quickly select the correct channel plan for the plant at which you are working.


Frequency :

Range: 45 to 550 MHz; 45 to 890 MHz (optional);
Accuracy: +10kHz @ 25°C; (+20 kHz over temp.)
Tuning Resolution: 25 kHz

Level Measurement :

Range: -20 to +50 dBmV
Resolution: 0.1 dB
Accuracy: +0.75 dB Flatness; +0.75 dB Linearity

Scan Mode :

Number of Channels: 120
Scan Rate: Approximately 6 carriers / second

General :

Dimensions: 4.25″ (W) x 10″ (H) x 2.5″ (D)
Weight: 0.8 kg (1.75 lb.)
Operating Temp. Range:-10 to +50°C (14 to 122°F)
Water Resistance: Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810D (Method 506.2)

Powering :

Battery Life: 3 hours continuous (backlight off), replaceable battery cartridge.
Charge Time: 16 hours with unit off; 30 hours slow charge (with unit operating).

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