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Rent Sunrise Telecom CM-2000 Cable Modem Analyzer Details Easy to use Multi-functional DOCSIS 2.0 Network Analyzer Reduces Installation and Troubleshooting Times The CM2000 is a powerful cable modem network analyzer that sets a new standard for testing high-speed data, VoIP telephone, and digital and analog video services. The unit’s comprehensive set of customizable test functions […]

Rent Sunrise Hukk CR1200R Digital Signal Analyzer Details Hukk CR1200R digital signal analyzer with ability of return channel testing provides 64/256 QAM and IF 44 MHz signals measuring, display with null interval for viewing cable modem’s return signals and transition processes. It also performs automated measures at checking all analog and digital channels. Device is […]

Rent Sunrise Telecom LP100 Leakage Profiler CATV Meter Details Features: Calibrated dipole for FCC leakage tests Easy-to-use wireless design (no cable) Calibrated 12″ “collapsed” mode for safe and convenient use in buildings Save leakage measurement results along with test results data Locator tone to facilitate locating leakage Limit, peak-hold and instantaneous leakage measurements – all […]

Rent Sunrise Telecom N1776A CaLan Network Profiler Leasing Details Sunrise N1776A CaLan Network Profiler Features: 1.1 GHz spectrum analyzer Analog and digital services testing SMART measurements Digi-Sweep RealVIEW – Ingress testing Proof-of-performance testing Comprehensive file storage system Dual-path Sweep module (Option 052): Forward and reverse sweep Return spectrum The Network Profiler provides a scalable solution, […]

Rent Sunrise Telecom HTT Home Test Toolkit Details Successful video, data, and voice deployments require the ability to perform sophisticated tests quickly, with simple “go/no-go” results displayed for the technician. Sunrise Telecom’s quality test sets simplify installation, speed deployment, and reduce cost-of-ownership, while ensuring that the qualified network and services meet users’ expectations. The Sunrise […]

Rent Sunrise Telecom CM750 IP Cable Modem Analyzer Details The CM750 delivers quick, reliable, repeatable manual and automated test results in a features-rich handheld unit. Full analog and digital SLM functions make the CM750 the most comprehensive troubleshooting tool available for applications that do not require cable modem testing. This versatile test unit can store […]

Details CM1000 cable modems systems analyzer is designed for detail testing and fault detection in DOCSIS cable modems systems. In contrast to other devices which use for DOCSIS networks analysis the digital signals not related to this technology, CM1000 analyzer uses built-in DOCSIS cable modem dedicated to wide testing of incoming and outgoing streams. Rent Sunrise Telecom CM-1000 Cable Modem Meter CM1000 Analyzer has […]