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Rent Tektronix WFM 90 Handheld Waveform Monitor Details WFM 90 Handheld Waveform Monitor Features & Benefits Battery or AC Powered Truly Portable 4-inch/102-mm Color LCD Display Picture Monitor Waveform Monitor Vectorscope Line Select Display Audio Monitor Waveform-in-Picture Mode Video Output for Routing to External Display NTSC (WFM90) Rent WFM 90 Applications Field Production Troubleshooting Equipment […]

Details The TV220 delivers high performance, yet is so easy to use that little or no training is required. This leading edge TDR can test more system bandwidth and expose faults that have been previously invisible to TDR yet still an impairment to digital signals. The TV220 also introduces one-button testing. Testing at Higher Bandwidth […]

Details The RFM150 SignalScout is a high-performance RF signal level meter designed to meet the demanding requirements of cable TV applications. Besides providing basic level measurement capabilities, SignalScout can measure and display other important information needed to properly install and maintain a cable TV system. Measurements include in-service Carrier-to-Noise and Hum, the frequency spectrum of […]

Rent Tempo CableScout TV90 Coax CATV TDR Cable Tester Details The TV90 is designed for ease-of-use. You’ll spend less time operating the TDR and more time repairing faults.  Simply select the cable type to be tested and the TV90 does the rest.  Impedance, VP, gain, pulse width and vertical position are automatically selected and adjusted […]

Rent Tempo Tektronix Signal Scout RFM151 CATV RF Meter Details The Tempo SignalScout RFM151 is a high-performance RF measurement field tool tailored for analog/digital Cable TV networks. It is designed to meet the demanding requirements of cable television technicians performing troubleshooting and maintenance operations anywhere in the network. The RFM151 provides all of the basic […]