This rack mounted headend unit supports up to ten field instruments simultaneously in a return path mode, and an unlimited number of field units as a forward sweep transmitter (Option 050). These functions may be dedicated or combined to allow forward and return sweep in a single unit (Option 052).

Rent HP Sunrise Agilent CALAN 3010H Sweep Ingress

Ingress Measurements
The 3010R and 3010H now include three unique ingress measurements for ongoing monitoring of burst noise, integrated average noise power in the presence of active TDMA carriers, and spectrum scan. The results of these measurements can be exported via the serial port, or stored in internal history files for review and historical performance comparisons.

Return Path Alignment and Ingress Detection
The 3010H headend unit monitors communication with field units. When ingress interrupts communication, the 3010H instantly detects the problem and transmits a “picture” of the ingress via the forward data pilot that can be viewed on any field unit (2010B/3010B/3010R). This remote capability ensures that field personnel have immediate access to the information required to isolate problems, without the need to call for help or leave the site. The result is faster problem resolution and more efficient use of field resources.

Rent CALAN 3010H

Digital Power Measurement
Digital signals cannot be measured with conventional methods used for video carriers because their power is spread over a band unique to each form of digital signal. CaLan products incorporate a digital signal measurement capability – technicians need only enter the center frequency, span and format for each digital signals in the unit’s channel table. The family also provides accurate average power measurement for return path TDMA (bursted) carriers.

Digital signal power is the total average power over a channel bandwidth around its center frequency. The 3010R, 3010H, 3010B and 2010B can adapt to the unique bandwidth power characteristics of digital signals to make measurements as simple as reading a number on the display.

Rent HP Sunrise Agilent CALAN 3010H

Return Sweep (3010R/3010H)
Return path maintenance is critical to optimizing systems for two-way services. The 3010R and 3010H incorporate DigiSweep technology, the industry’s fastest, high resolution, digital services compatible sweep. DigiSweep’s five-microsecond sweep pulses allow placement close to digital signals without interference. DigiSweep technology is compatible with cable modems, telephony, interactive TV, digital music services and Internet communications.

An easy-to-use insertion point (IP) automatically adjusts the sweep source level to compensate for varying test point losses. This, and other key features, allows accurate return path alignment in a matter of minutes.

The dual path option for the 3010H enables the same headend unit to perform both forward and return path testing, increasing bandwidth usage efficiency while saving valuable headend space and lowering test equipment costs. The headend unit (3010H with Option 052) cycles through transmission of a sweep signal on the forward path and monitoring of the signals on the return path. This cycle permits multiple field units to perform both forward and return sweep at the same time.

For applications that only require forward sweep, operators can utilize the 3010B and 3010H with Option 050, while still supporting future upgrades. This solution offers all SLM capabilities, with the addition of forward sweep and a telemetry pilot that can be adjusted to changing system requirements.

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