Rent Riser Bond 1205CXA CATV Meter


The 1205CXA provides the CATV field technician with unparalled fault finding capability. With a sub-ns pulse, a rugged and robust package and full PC connectivity, the 1205CXA offers industry leading performance as well as having the Riserbond ease of use functionality. It is intuitive and easy to use and meets the users needs both in performance and in use. It has advanced features such as a sub-ns pulse and auto fault find and is housed in a field proven rugged and robust enclosure. The 1205CXA is complete fault finding package for the CATV field engineer.

Rent 1205CXA CATV Meter

Key features

Sub-ns pulse.
Rugged and robust.
Ease of use.
PC connectivity.
Range Plus.
Super Store.
Auto fault find.

Rent Riser Bond 1205CXA

RANGE-PLUS – Two-button operation that allows the operator to quickly scan the cable under test while automatically stepping through a specific pulse width, vertical gain, and cable length.
Sub-nanosecond Pulse Width – Pinpoint minor faults which interrupt digital services and cause signal loss, ingress, and egress.
Intermittent Fault Detection (IFD) – Monitor and locate hard-to-find intermittent faults using the IFD mode.
Dual Independent Cursors – Measure between any two points on the waveform.
SUPER-STORE Waveform Data Storage – Helps reduce downtime in a system. Simply connect the TDR, press “store”, and have the system back up and running within minutes. Analyze the waveform later.
WAVE-VIEW Software – Upload waveforms to your computer. Document before accepting new plant, save money when comparing replacement versus repair cost.
Rugged, waterproof packaging – Rugged, weatherproof casing helps keep the 1205CXA on the job, regardless of location or climate conditions.

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