Rent Riser Bond Model 1270 Dual Input Metallic TDR


RiserBond Model 1270

The Model 1270 is a multipurpose combination TDR Specifically designed for fault locating in twisted pair and coaxial cables for companies and industries with both applications.

Model 1270 has 3 front panel connectors; a BNC Connector providing the sensitivity and length readability to find small coaxial cable problems, and dual input banana jack connectors for 2-line live testing and other multiple test modes when testing twisted pair cable.

Rent Model 1270

The Model 1270 is the perfect TDR when both twisted pair and coaxial applications apply. With a convergence of industries, the combination TDR is the best alternative to other model instruments. Telephone companies providing twisted pair and broadband service, Local Area Network Administrators, or any other application which calls for the testing of both types of cable can be served by the model 1270 combination TDR.

Rent Riser Bond Model 1270

Model 1270 Features:

AUTO-SEARCH- a quick and easy start-up mode for quickly locating major faults or end of the cable. A Range function can also be utilized to automatically step through six preset distance ranges.
Dual Independent Cursors, for measuring between any two points along the waveform.
SUPER-STORE – Waveform Storage, the most sophisticated and powerful storage function of any TDR, provides multiple storage bins for documentation, comparison, and identification.
WAVE-VIEW – software, a powerful software program which can turn your PC into a virtual TDR for waveform transfer, analysis, documentation, printing, comparison, and may other applications.
AUTO-FILTERING – as well as manual filtering, is available standart and with option additional filtering for specialty applications such as tower sites, mountain tops, or urban applications.
IFD – an intermittent fault detector mode which can monitor and capture faults which have previously been difficult to locate and identify.
Multiple Connectors – provide the operator with total versatility when testing various types of cables.

Model 1270 is the most sophisticated TDR available today. Both traditional and unique features make this TDR the choice of many telecommunications professionals.

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