Rent Riser Bond 1205C CATV Meter


Model 1205C Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer
Cable Fault Locator

Optimized for coaxial cable.

Rent 1205C CATV Meter

Locate cable and connector faults in all types of coaxial and twisted pair cable.
No complicated menus. Every key has a function and every function has a key.
Troubleshooting, testing, and preventative maintenance.
Live waveform testing
Automatic fault severity calculation
Exclusive SUPER-STORE TM waveform data storage.
RS-232 Port with WAVE-VIEW TM Software for Windows® standard.
Intermittent Fault Detection mode detects and displays intermittnet faults and allows the operator to manipulate and reposition the waveform without affecting the IFD function.
Noise filters for eliminating unwanted waveform noise.
Unique dual independent cursors.
Automatic and manual cursor placement functions.
Powered cable warning.
Rugged, weatherproof packaging.
Compact, lightweight, portable.

Rent Riser Bond 1205C

View waveforms in the field or back at the office

Riser-Bond Instruments has taken waveform storage to a higher level. Model 1205C’s exclusive SUPER-STORETM is the ultimate in waveform storage, viewing, and comparison.

Competitive TDRs store only a screen snapshot of the cable under test. Model 1205C stores all on-screen and off-screen cable data, for viewing at all gain settings.

Recall the waveform on Model 1205C or upload to a PC for post-storage analysis, comparison, manipulation, and archiving. Or, download the waveform directly to an external printer.

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