Rent CALAN 1777 Sweep Ingress Transmitter


Calan 1777 HP 85951A Sweep Transmitter
The CALAN 1777 (HP 85951A) sweep transmitter has an output range between +35 dBmV and +47 dBmV, with a slope range of ±9 dB. The slope control varies the high frequency with respect to the low frequency. The pilot is the frequency which the 1777 uses to communicate with the 3010B.

Rent 1777

The unit is normally shipped with the pilot set for 50 MHz or 43 MHz. Check the 1777 transmitter pilot switch to see which pilots are installed in the 1777. The pilot frequency set in the 3010B must match the pilot frequency selected in the 1777. The slope adjustment is similar to the adjustment of the transmitter gain.

Rent CALAN 1777

The 1777 slope control adjusts the level at the highest frequency with respect to the lowest frequency displayed on the screen. The adjustment is easily made by observing the relationship between the high pilot level and the sweep points. As in the gain adjustment, you can measure the absolute level of the high pilot carrier and the sweep point next to it and adjust the slope until a difference of 10 dB is achieved.

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