Rent Sadelco DisplayMax 800 Signal Level CATV Meter



±1.0 dB Accuracy On board noise source provides precision calibration. Accuracy is guaranteed over time and temperature at all frequencies and power levels.
Pass-Fail Installation Check Check your entire system or just your favorite channels. On screen report summarizes results.
Digital Channel Measurement Check average power of digital channels. View flatness across the entire channel. Measures QAM, QPSK, VSB & QPR.
Ingress Analysis Automatically searches reverse band for ingress. Peak hold function catches intermittent problems.
Data Recording One button recording makes documentation easy. Automatically performs 24 HR FCC testing. Downloads directly to printer or to a computer.
Self Calibrating No need for costly calibrations Unit is self calibrating
Made in USA

Specifications Technical Frequency Range:  5-872 MHz
Accuracy:  ±20 KHz
Resolution:  125KHz
IF Bandwidth:  280KHz

Level Measurement
Range:  -30 ± 60 dBmV
Accuracy:  ± 1.0 dB at 77° F ± 2.0 dB Total (0° – 120° F)
Resolution:  0.1 dB
Ingress Sweep:  Sweeps Sub Band in 250 KHz steps.

Digital Channel Measurement
Average Power:  ± 1.8 dB at 77° F
Accuracy:  ± 2.8 dB Total (0° – 120° F)
Type:  QAM, QPSK, VSN and QPR

Rent DisplayMax 800
Noise Source Stability:  0.2 dB 0° – 120° F Measurements corrected for power level, frequency and temperature.

Automated Testing
Scan Rate:  6 Carriers/sec
Storage:  >40 Scans of 135 Channels each.
Range:  50dB
Accuracy:  ± 2.0 dB at 77° F (± 3.0 dB 0° – 120° F)

Range:  0 – 5%
Filter:  20 – 200 Hz
Tilt:  Automatically calculated from user selected carriers.
Audio:  Adjustable volume, waterproof mylar speaker.

Rent Sadelco DisplayMax 800

Physical Dimensions:  4.25″ x 10″ x 2.75″/ 11 cm x 25.5 cm x 7cm
Weight:  3 lbs (1.4Kg) including case & batteries.
Operating Temp:  0° – 120° F (-18° to 49°C)
Storage Temp:  -4° to 140° F (-20° to 60° C)
Battery:  Type 6 Sub C Cells
Charge Time:  4 Hours
Battery Life:  4 hours Continuous (backlight off)
Electronic Shut-Off:  Saves power extends operating time
Standard Channel Plans:  NTSC, HRC, IRC, AIR (VHF,UHF), PAL, Custom plans available on request.

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