Rent Sadelco DisplayMax Jr. 1000 Jr w/ Level


Free Cable TV Installer Starter Tookit Included!
Coax Cable Stripper (Brand New)
Gilbert Termination Tool (Brand New)
Coax Security Sheild Wrench (Brand New)
Coax Pocket Toner w/ Battery (Brand New)

Rent Max Jr. 1000 Jr


Digital Channel Measurement QAM, QPSK, VSB
Large Single Channel Display
Smaller and Lighter Size
30 Favorite Channels
Fast Charge NiMH Batteries
Rugged Field Proven Design
Auto Calibration
Automated Ingress Sweep
Leakage Detector

Rent Sadelco DisplayMax Jr. 1000 Jr


The Sadelco DisplayMax Jr. signal level meters are the newest and most advanced series of full function signal level meters available.  The five different meters allow you to purchase the meter that has the features you need for your signal  testing requirements.

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