Rent Sadelco DisplayMax Jr 2000 Signal Level Meter


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Sadelco DisplayMax Jr Model 2000


CATV / Antenna Installation Meter. Inexpensive, extremely rugged and easy to use
Analog & Digital Power, Verify proper levels of analog and digital channels
Auto-Calibration, Eliminate the cost and downtime of annual calibration
Upgradable to Leakage & Ingress, Qualification of VoIP and HSD services

Product Description
The DisplayMax Jr 2000 is a rugged, easy to use signal level meter capable of measuring analog and digital channels at any point in the CATV system from the headend to the subscriber drop. The weather proof keypad allows direct channel or frequency entry as well as tuning by favorite channel. All of the main functions are accessible via front panel keys: channel entry, programming digital channels, measuring the audio carrier, setting volume level of the built-in speaker, checking battery level and controlling back lights. All of the setup items are preset at the factory making the Jr 2000 usable right out of the box for most users. For antenna installations, select the ‘off air’ channel plan and the meter is ready to go.

Rent  Jr 2000

Field Rugged and Accurate
The DisplayMax Jr 2000 has a rugged aluminum housing, weather proof keypad, protected LCD display, virtually unbreakable F-connector bushing and comes in a padded nylon case. In addition to the rugged mechanical design, the meter has a built-in white noise source that acts as a calibration reference. Before each reading, the meter adjusts its calibration, making the DisplayMax Jr 2000 not only rugged, but also extremely accurate. The auto-calibration feature maintains the meter’s accuracy and eliminates the need for annual calibration.

Leakage and Ingress Upgrade
VoIP and High-Speed Data services require increased testing beyond just measuring signal level. For optimal quality of the digital packets, the return spectrum must be clean and free of noise and unwanted ingress . Ingress occurs when the integrity of the coax cable’s shielding is compromised. Once the shielding is breached, outside signals get into the cable (ingress), and forward channels will escape from the cable (leakage). By adding leakage and ingress testing capabilities, installers can quickly qualify the home wiring for the latest digital services. To add ingress, upgrade to Jr 2500. To add ingress and leakage, upgrade to Jr 3000.

Rent Sadelco DisplayMax Jr 2000


Frequency Range: 5 to 872 MHz.
Tuning Resolution / IF Bandwidth: 125 KHz. / 280 KHz.
Analog Power Range: -30 to +60 dBmV.
Digital Power Range: -23 to +67 dBmV.
Level Resolution: 0.1 dB
Typical Accuracy: +/0.5 dB
Max Additional Error at 70° F: +/0.5 dB
Typical Accuracy from 0 to 120° F: +/1.0 dB
Max Additional Error from 0 to 120° F: +/1.0 dB
Digital Error: additional +/0.5 dB
Battery life: 4 hours
Fast Charge: 2 hours 80%, 4 hours 100%
Audio: Water sealed speaker with volume control
Weight and Dimensions: 2.2 lbs, L 7.5” x W 3.5” x D 2.2”
Supplied Accessories: Nylon case (CASE006), 110V wall charger (T70), Ni-MH battery (BAT08), manual
Optional Accessories: Car charger (CH04), 220V wall charger (T70E)
Upgrade Options: Jr2500 (ingress), Jr3000 (ingress & leakage)

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