Rent Sadelco MiniMax M800 Signal Level CATV Meter


MiniMax M800 Features:

MMDS Power Supply
18V Power for Downconverters
Easy-to-Read Microammeter
For Antenna Orientation
Accurate Under All Conditions
Internal White Noise Generator.
Guarantees + 1 dB accuracy, + 0.5 typical.

Rent MiniMax M800

Easy to Operate
Fast Digital Tuning – Auto Ranging – Digital Display – Favorite Channels
Built to Last
Sealed All-Weather Keypad – Metal Housing – Padded Nylon Bag – New Neverbreak “F” connector

Rent Sadelco MiniMax M800

C/N and Hum
Check Picture Quality
Electronic Shut-Off
Saves Battery Power and Increases Time between Charges

Lease Sadelco MiniMax M800 Signal Level CATV Meter Rental