CM1000 cable modems systems analyzer is designed for detail testing and fault detection in DOCSIS cable modems systems. In contrast to other devices which use for DOCSIS networks analysis the digital signals not related to this technology, CM1000 analyzer uses built-in DOCSIS cable modem dedicated to wide testing of incoming and outgoing streams.

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Analyzer has modular architecture. There are some plug-n modules produced for it :

Signal level meter providing full measure of analog and digital signal ;   one, two, five channel and full specter display ;   tilt measure ;   peak/cavity and adaptive characteristics with neighbor channels measure ;   threshold Pass/Fail measure.
CM1000CE which provides DOCSIS systems measures at  6 & 8  MHz frequencies certificated according to ITU for international market.
Reflection meter for CE4000 type cable investigation defining the place of cable damage which causes adaptive interference, signal leak and its level lowing. It also allows measure distances and cable attenuations, return loss and total attenuation. There are possibilities of storing measures results, output data stored, uploading them to PC, working with VOP integrated files and measuring attenuation for general purpose coaxial cables in cable TV networks. Reflection meter has color display.

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CM1000 is equipped with built-in modem providing testing incoming and outgoing data streams.

When testing CM1000 device links to modem’s CMTS and provides measuring quality parameters of signal transmission path in both directions. Beside traditional measures digital signal parameters like MER, BER, signal level and analysis of modulated signals distortions in right direction the device due to patented technology allows measure BkER in return direction without involving headend station equipment.

Using CM1000’s color display operator is able define link’s conformity to minimally affordable requirements at first glance. Checking different network’s points technical personnel can quickly find out which components should be replaced to ensure optimal quality parameters.

Rent Sunrise Telecom CM-1000

CM1000 Cable Modem Systems Analyzer :


64/256 QAM measure
QAM modulation diagram analysis with distortions diagnostics
MER measure
BER measure before and after FEC
Digital signal level measure
Analog signal level measure (option).


Transmitted signal’s power and attenuation measure
Connection to PC via 10/100Base-T port
Digital video signal’s parameters measure
Status window display during connection to modem
Modular measuring platform
BkER measure in return direction.

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