Rent Sunrise Telecom HTT Home Test Toolkit


Successful video, data, and voice deployments require the ability to perform sophisticated tests quickly, with simple “go/no-go” results displayed for the technician. Sunrise Telecom’s quality test sets simplify installation, speed deployment, and reduce cost-of-ownership, while ensuring that the qualified network and services meet users’ expectations.

The Sunrise Telecom HTT (Home Test Toolkit) is designed specifically for mass-market FTTN use. This innovative product provides automatic “pass/fail” test routines for VDSL2, VDSL, HPNA networks, RF signal, Ethernet, 802.11x wireless, copper loop fault identification, POTS, ground continuity, and in-home wiring identification and testing.


Fully qualifies the home network for data, voice and video
Identifies impairments
Ensures connectivity
Reduces truck rolls
Simplifies turn up and troubleshooting
Indicates pass/fail with configurable thresholds

Key Features

HPNA Analysis
Cable Test
DC Voltage and Ohm Measurements
Ground Continuity Test
Wireless (802.11) Analysis
Ethernet Link Verification
PC Utility (Bluetooth)

Rent Telecom HTT


Low cost
All-in-one test set
Go/No-Go service verification
Rapid installation
Simple pass/fail display


VDSL Chipset: Conexant Accelity Packet EoVDSL CPE
HPNA Chipset: CopperGate CopperStream CG3110

Connectors (Interfaces)
VDSL / VDSL2: RJ-11 @ 100W
HPNA: RJ-11 and F-81 75W (coaxial) connector
Cable Test: RJ-45
POTS/DC/Ohm: RJ-11
Ethernet: RJ-45
Headset: 2.5 mm jack

VDSL2 VTU-R Features
Line Code: Discrete MultiTone (DMT)
ITU-T G.993.1
ITU-T G.993.2, Profile 8d and 12a
ANSI T1.424
Modem Status Measurements
Maximum Rate
SNR Margin
Transmit Power
Link Measurements
Counters for CRC, FEC, HEC events
Counters for LOS, SEF, NCD, OCD
Errored Seconds, Severely Errored Seconds, Unavailable
Seconds Retrains
Bits/SNR per Tone: Full graphical and tabular display
Band Plan Selection: Plan 998, Plan 997

Rent Sunrise Telecom HTT

HPNA Receiver/Analyzer
Host and Client mode: User selectable
Auto-discover HPNA stations and MAC addresses
Auto Test between user selected stations
Data Rate
Power Level
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
Transmit and Receive Packets
Packet Loss
User configurable Packet count and length
Test coaxial and twisted pair HPNA networks

Cable Testing
Wire mapping for RJ-45 8-pin twisted pair cable
Maximum cable length: 500 ft /150 m
Displays connected, open, short, and map
Cable Loss (Coaxial and Twisted Pair)
Test Signal: 7 and 14 MHz
Diplexer Verification
Provide estimated cable length (Twisted Pair Only)
Cable ID (HT T-ID-5)
Connectors: RJ-11, F-81 coaxial
Provide termination for cable identification
Wiremap Probe (HTT-WP)
Connectors: RJ-45 and F-81 coaxial
Uses 2 × AA batteries
Auto Shut Off: 5 minutes

POTS/Caller ID
Loop Start, DTMF dialing, Caller ID
Talk / listen via headset, listen via speaker
DC Voltage
Range: 0 to ± 200 Vdc
Ohm Measurements
Range: 100O to 1 MO
Tone Generation Frequency: 570 Hz
Ground Continuity Test
Range: 0 to 10 kO
Accuracy: 2% ± 1O (0 to 1 kO)
5% (1 kO to 10 kO)

Detect 802.11 b/g SSID
Signal Strength
Channel Identification
MAC Address Identification
Detect WEP 64 and 128 bytes encryption

Link Status
Link Speed (10/100M, Half/Full Duplex)

PC Utility
Configurable Threshold Criteria and result download (CSV)

Lease Sunrise Telecom HTT CATV Meter