Rent Sunrise Telecom LP100 Leakage Profiler CATV Meter



Calibrated dipole for FCC leakage tests
Easy-to-use wireless design (no cable)
Calibrated 12″ “collapsed” mode for safe and convenient use in buildings
Save leakage measurement results along with test results data
Locator tone to facilitate locating leakage
Limit, peak-hold and instantaneous leakage measurements – all displayed simultaneously.
Compatible with common signal tagging

Leading-Edge Technology Makes Work Easier
The LP100 Leakage Profiler option from Sunrise Telecom Broadband is a new wireless solution that lets users locate and measure signal leakage as well as perform FCC-required leakage measurements at the drop or at any network location. Used in conjunction with a CM series SLM, the device is easy-to-use and provides comprehensive leakage detection and analysis.

It’s simple—no more juggling back and forth between various testing devices, no more physical connections to make or cables to untangle. The LP100 features a calibrated standard dipole antenna, calibrated collapse dipole and highly sensitive leakage receiver. Leakage data is quickly transmitted over a wireless link and is displayed on the CM series SLM. Measurements of the current leakage level, the peak leakage level and the programmed leakage limit are provided on the highresolution, color display in both numeric and graphic formats.

The LP100 has high sensitivity detection with capabilities of 0.5 µV/M, making even minor leaks detectable—even in harsh RF environments and near transmitters. Tagging detection capabilities allow detection with multiple operators. The LP100 offers frequency agile tuning from 120 MHz to 140 MHz, automated alarms, peak hold measurements, a leakage locator tone and a unique signal identification trigger system.

Rent LP100

Finding Leakage
The LP100 can be used indoors or out to locate the source of signal leakage and then measure the level to ensure compliance with FCC part 76.611. The collapsible dipole antenna is calibrated in both the extended and collapsed modes. The extended mode is used for FCC-approved measurements and the collapsed mode locates and measures leakage in restricted space areas like hallways, congested urban sidewalks and maintenance closets.

The LP100’s alarm emits a tone whose frequency is proportional to the signal level measured, thus the user can pay attention to the environment while moving towards the source of leakage and orientating the antenna for the maximum frequency tone—all without ever looking at the CM series SLM’s display. The Peak Hold feature on the CM meters with the leakage option will automatically capture the peak leakage signal level measurement.

Alarm Modes
The LP100 provides an alarm mode that squelches the audio alarm off until the leakage signal level reaches the programmed alarm limit. The limit is programmable using the PC-IP software or is adjustable in the user’s setup screen on the CM series SLM. Once triggered, the alarm signal produces a tone to aid the user in locating the source of leakage and in peaking the antenna. If AM or FM tagging is used, levels are displayed, but the alarm is not enabled unless a tagged signal is detected.

Rent Sunrise Telecom LP100

Identifying Leakage
The LP100 offers three modes of operation, providing the maximum in flexibility for monitoring leakage from any network. The LP100 may be set up to monitor any standard or scrambled analog channel, NTSC or PAL. The monitored signal may be tagged to identify and differentiate the desired signal from those on adjacent or overbuilt networks. The LP100 is compatible with AM modulated tagging systems with modulation from 3 to 30 Hz and with FM modulation—simply select the type of modulation in the setup screen.

Measuring Leakage
The LP100 offers exceptional sensitivity, selectivity and discrimination between signals through use of an exclusive DSP process that provides exceptional identification and accuracy in measurement of the desired signal. The peak hold feature on the CM series SLM automatically captures the peak leakage signal level measurement, helping to eliminate the possibility of user error.

The CM series meters’ high-resolution, color display provides both an analog and digital readout of the measurement results. Measurements above the Limit setting are displayed in red.

Data Storage & Filing
To comply with FCC requirements, identified leaks must be located, measured and then repaired, if they exceed the FCC limits. Each step must be documented and maintained in the system’s leakage file. The LP100 and CM series SLM combination simplifies this documentation process by storing the leakage measurements before and after any repair action, complete with all of the FCC required information. Leakage measurement files can then be uploaded to a PC, viewed, printed and saved.

The LP100 Leakage Profiler is an efficient, flexible, timesaving, wireless solution that locates and measures signal leakage from any network. Used in conjunction with a CM series SLM, the device provides comprehensive data to help correct leakage problems.

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