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Sunrise N1776A CaLan Network Profiler

1.1 GHz spectrum analyzer
Analog and digital services testing
SMART measurements
RealVIEW – Ingress testing
Proof-of-performance testing
Comprehensive file storage system

Dual-path Sweep module (Option 052):

Forward and reverse sweep
Return spectrum

The Network Profiler provides a scalable solution, starting with a spectrum analyzer, adding QAM measurements, Digi-Sweep and all the versatility needed for today’s evolving technology and beyond. Using a familiar Windows CETM operating system, you can quickly access a detailed profile of the network’s performance or drill down to investigate a specific problem. The large 8.4” color VGA touch-screen display puts a powerful grouping of test solutions at your finger tips for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, or proof of performance.


The Network Profiler takes advantage of the power of a true spectrum analyzer to meet today’s demanding test needs, while its open architecture and standards provide a platform capable of adding new features and functions as technology evolves. At the heart of this revolutionary platform is its Windows CETM operating system and large format color display with touch-screen. If you can use a PC with Windows, you can use the Network Profiler. It takes full advantage of all the standard Windows functions to present an intuitive graphical user interface that significantly reduces training time, but more importantly, allows the user easy access to the full functionality of this powerful appliance.

The Network Profiler resolves the challenges of interconnectivity by providing all of the communications ports necessary to make transfer of information in and out of the instrument as easy as connecting to a PC or the network. You can take advantage of the various Input/Output ports that include a RS232 port, two USB ports, a 10Base-T Ethernet port and a Type II PCMCIA slot to maximize the instrument’s connectivity and data storage capacity.

Rent N1776A


The Network Profiler is packed with all of the features you expect in a portable spectrum analyzer. The operator can choose from standard measurement setups or fully control how measurements are performed to help detect network issues before they become problems.

• Selectable resolution and video bandwidths allow full measurement control
• 3 detector modes, positive (peak), negative and sample
• Peak hold, adjustable averaging
• Zero span measurements
• Full tuning control
• 500 points of display resolution
• Variable vertical resolution
• Automatic calibration (eliminates warm-up time)
• Touch screen marker positioning

All of the instrument functions are accessed via control tabs at the bottom of the screen. Control settings can be selected by scrolling through the valid values or by entering the value using the large pop-up keyboard or keypad. To position the markers simply touch the desired position on the trace and the selected marker will move automatically to that position. Fine tuning is accomplished by using the handy arrow keys on the keyboard. This intuitive combination allows the user to quickly setup test limits.


Making accurate and repeatable measurements can be a challenge, but not with the Network Profiler. In the Channel Test mode, all of the measurement parameters for every channel on the network are preprogrammed in the channel plan. Carrier-to-Noise, CSO, CTB, and Hum measurements can be made the same way the first time and every time by simply pressing one button. Combined with the digital measurements, the Network Profiler offers a complete measurement and data collection system. Of course, all of the measurement results can be stored in the Network Profiler’s extensive file storage system.


System alignment is an easy task with the Forward and Return Sweep. The Network Profiler is completely compatible with the field proven CaLan 3010 Dual Path Digi-Sweep technology making system integration extremely cost effective. Digi-Sweep is the industry’s fastest, high resolution, digital services compatible sweep. Its five-microsecond sweep pulses allow placement close to digital signals without interference. Digi- Sweep technology is compatible with cable modems, telephony, interactive TV, digital music services and Internet communications. Return path maintenance is critical to optimizing systems for two-way services. An easy-to-use graphical display simplifies adjustment of the measurement parameters such as: communication pilots, view, and source controls. This and other key features allow accurate return path alignment in a matter of minutes.


Making accurate and repeatable measurements is only part of the challenge for today’s system technicians. The ability to quickly store and retrieve data impacts on their daily productivity and their capacity to conduct meaningful preventative maintenance The Network Profiler’s advanced data management system quickly stores both raw measurement data or a bitmap of the screen. Data files can be saved to internal memory or to a removable PC card giving the technician access to an unlimited amount of memory data storage for historical reference.

Rent Sunrise Telecom N1776A


Range: 4 MHz to 1.1 GHz, fully synthesized
Resolution: 1 kHz
Span: Zero to 1.1 GHz Continuously Variable
Tuning: Center Frequency & Span or Start & Stop Frequency
Frequency Reference:
Stability: ±5 ppm from 0°C to +70°C
Aging: ±1 ppm/yr
Noise Sidebands Offset from CW Carrier: 90 dBc @ ±10 kHz
Resolution Bandwidth:
Range: 3 MHz, 300 kHz, 100 kHz and 30 kHz
Selectivity (60dB / 3dB): 5.8:1, 2.9:1, 5.6:1 and 9.1:1 respectively
Accuracy: ±20%
Video Bandwidths: 10 Hz, 300 kHz and 1 MHz

Reference Level Range: -40 dBmV to +70 dBmV,
Vertical Scale:
On Screen Range: 60 dB calibrated log range
Adjustable: 1 to 20 dB/div in 1 dB steps
Input Impedance: 75, > 16 dB return loss
Measurement Units: dBmV or dBµV
Resolution: 0.1 dB,
RF Attenuator: 55 dB in 5 dB steps
RF Preamp: 20 dB
Amplitude Accuracy:
Typical Accuracy: ±1.0 dB
Absolute Accuracy: ±2.0 dB
Log Scale Fidelity
for (FS Ref + 10 dB)  Level  (FS Ref – 30 dB): ±0.5 dB
for Level < (FS Ref – 30 dB): ±(0.5 dB + 0.05dB/dB)
Frequency Response (4 MHz to 1.1 GHz): ±0.5 dB
Internal Calibration Source at 300 MHz: ±0.2 dB
Sensitivity: -60 dBmV @ 30 kHz RBW
Detector Modes: Positive, Negative and Sampled
Maximum Input: +70 dBmV composite power, ±300 VDC, 300 VAC

8 Default Channel Plans Installed, NTSC and PAL
300 Maximum Channels/Plan
Number of Channel Plans Limited Only By Available Memory

Compatible with CaLan 3010H Sweep
Return and Forward Path Sweep Response
Full Spectrum Sweep Time: < 800 mSec (Span: 1 MHz to
1.0 GHz)
Return Path Sweep Time: < 100 mSec (Span: 5 to 45
Return Path Spectrum Scan with Multi-port Node Switch

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