Rent Trilithic 360 DSP Home Certification CATV Meter


Trilithic 360DSP Home Certification Meter

The Standardization Solution
Trilithic’s 360 DSP™ is the first meter designed specifically to simplify Home Certifications. Built from the ground up, tailored specifically for the needs of fulfillment, this meter is ideal for standardizing processes and procedures for installation and service — and includes a price point that makes it feasible for system operators to outfit their entire fleet.

Tailored for the challenges faced by installers, contractors and service techs, this go-to next-gen meter comes equipped with all of the powerful troubleshooting tools for the advanced tech, yet helps simplify decision making and streamline standard processes and procedures for the more novice tech. This improves tech efficiencies, the overall health of the entire system and allows techs to grow with the meter.

Next Gen Features
The 360 DSP features an intuitive color touch screen interface, simple pass/fail indicators, and autotest apps to streamline certification and make the installer’s job easier.

Everything about this next-gen meter was built with the technician in mind, from the longest battery life and quickest charge time of any installation meter to its unique built-in LED flashlight and glow in the dark keypad for those dark cramped spaces.

Including next-generation smart device technology the 360 DSP is virtually the easiest, most feature-rich, best performing installation & service meter available today.

Rent 360 DSP

Comprehensive Testing
The 360 DSP makes Home Certification a breeze for technicians at all levels including installation, service, and contractor. Techs will appreciate the advantages of a quick and efficient device at their disposal that features a flexible and easy-to-operate interface that is inspired by modern smart devices.

This next gen fulfillment tool comes equipped with powerful troubleshooting tools and simplified autotest apps to perform triple play tests, set Home Certifications standards and measure both Analog and Digital signals. With its built-in CableLabs Certified DOCSIS 3.0 (8×4) Modem, Ethernet and Wi-Fi communications capabilities, all testing results can be easily forwarded to ViewPoint in the back office in near real-time.

Simple Yet Powerful
Providing the widest range of functions for an installer available today (as standard options), the 360 DSP includes virtually all the testing options an installer or service technician needs to verify service quality and easily identify and fix problems in the field.

Standard Testing Features:

Return Spectrum Analysis (4 to 110 MHz)
Level Measurement
C/N Measurement
QAM Measurement (MER/BER/Constellation/EQ)
Complete Channel Plan Scan with Tilt Measurement
Ping, Trace Route, VoIP & Throughput Measurements
Cable Modem Statistics

Autotest Apps
The 360 DSP features next generation autotest applications that practically walk the technician through a job. By performing standardized measurement tests at various required locations on the job site using user set test plans, channel plans and limit sets, the meter very clearly indicates (using color and symbols) what areas still need attention, before the technician leaves the job site. .
Multi-user support allows technicians that work in various territories to easily switch channel plans and standardized autotest apps and test limits or login as a completely different user. The built-in web browser allows techs to upload job data in near real-time as well as transmit and receive channel plans, autotests, work orders and firmware. Leaving less room for entry error, this new simple user interface can translate into less training and more efficient time in the field for techs. Although the 360 DSP comes equipped with all of the required troubleshooting tools for the advanced technician, it also offers a higher comfort factor for novice technicians, reducing decision making in the field, which can ultimately result in more productive work days and more satisfied customers.

Justify ROI
Field operations managers can now easily verify that all of their technicians are performing the proper tests and are doing so at the right place and time—in near-real time. The potential benefits include identifying techs who need additional training, improving team performance, reducing truck rolls and cutting operating costs could obviously be significant.
At a higher level ViewPoint can deliver simple, standardized, system-wide reports and dashboards that can help a director or VP of technical operations view the entire operation at a glance to gain information that can be used to reduce service and repeat trouble calls.

Essentially, this integrated system approach allows cable operators to see much more of their home certification operations and use the information in practical ways. The insights can enable them to identify both localized problems and highlevel system issues to make decisions based on a clearer understanding of their overall operations and the associated ROI.

Combining 360 DSPs in the field with the new ViewPoint WFM Module in the back office, managers can view the health of their entire system– in near real-time, for total home-certification management.

Rent Trilithic 360 DSP

Standard Features:

Multiple User Profiles
Allows up to 5 technicians to share a 360 DSP
Each technician has his or her own profile, which loads in completely different sets of channel plans, autotest, etc.
Simple Network Management
Choose between DOCSIS 3.0 (8×4) modem, Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection methods
Provides connection details such as MAC, IP, gateway and DNS
Easy Setup & Configuration
Global configuration settings can be applied to all users of the device while other settings can be tailored to suit each user
Setting adjustments can be locked out using the ViewPoint software
Cable Modem Statistics
Shows up to 8 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels
Provides performance metrics for all downstream and upstream channels
Job Management
Create and close out your jobs from this screen
Shows what channel plan and how many tests have been run on a particular job
Built-In Wi-Fi with Survey Test Mode
Actively view live signal strengths of Wi-Fi networks in the area
Provides Wi-Fi details such as SSID, Channel and power level
LED Flashlight
High intensity LED for working in dark spaces
Control is provided through the Fuction menu for quick access from any screen

Included Measurement Functions:

Analog Level Measurement
Shows the analog channel and its associated measurements
Provides Pass/Fail results for limit sets
Digital Level Measurement
Shows the level, MER and BER of a QAM channel
Users can change the display to view BER over time, Equalizer Tap and Constellation
Equalizer Tap Display
Displays the equalizer stress and whether the DOCSIS specification is being broken
Shows the level, MER and BER and provides Pass/Fail results for limit sets
Return Spectrum Measurement
Provides the ability to view raw return spectrum traces from 4 to 110 MHz
Fast DSP spectrum snapshots give the user extreme speed to capture fast transients on the upstream
Single Frequency Level Measurement
Shows the level of the analog carrier
Displays the Carrier to Noise ratio of the analog carrier
QAM Constellation
Shows the constellation diagram of the specified QAM channel
Shows the level, MER and BER and provides Pass/Fail results for limit sets
Bit-Error Rate Display
Shows the BER on a graph with a 150 second measurement period
Shows solid green lines for pre-errors and solid red lines for post-errors
Scan & Tilt Measurement
Full channel plan scan displays the frequency response of the entire channel lineup
Provides Pass/Fail results for limit sets
Color coded channels, green for digital and blue for analog

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