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Rent Trilithic 860DSP CATV Meter

The 860 DSP provides all of the testing power needed to insure HFC networks operate to high standards. This includes balancing the distribution system, maintaining analog and digital signal quality, controlling return path ingress and much more. Many options equip the 860 DSP cable analyzer for a variety of roles, and all configurations feature an attractive price. Unlike other digital cable analyzers, the 860 DSP analyzer includes:

High Performance Digital Cable Signal Analyzer

Measures Levels: C/N, 2nd and 3rd Order Intermodulation, Forward Gain and Tilt, Reverse Gain and Tilt (with Option), Hum and Low Frequency Noise

5 to 870 MHz Frequency Range: Scans all Forward Channels, a Select Group or tunes by Frequency

QPSK, QAM Analyzer: Measures MER/BER, displays Constellations (with option)

High Resolution Spectrum Analyzer: Displays spectrum up to full span, and (with option) at resolutions from 10kHz to 3 MHz

Reverse Path Tester: Emulates Trilithic’s Guardian 9580 SSR Return Path Field Unit (with option) and RSVP Installer’s Reverse Tester (with option)

The 860 DSP is the first high-performance distribution analyzer designed specifically for the demands of HSD and VoIP. More than just a signal level meter, the 860 DSP makes full use of DSP (digital signal processing) techniques to perform a wide array of transmission and signal quality tests, on both analog and digital signals. With options, the capabilities of the 860 DSP can be expanded to include high-resolution spectrum analysis, QAM and QPSK analysis and a wide range of return path installation and distribution tests, all without impacting size, weight or battery life.

The 860 DSP is fully compatible with Trilithic 9580 SST and 9581 SST Reverse Path Analyzers and can emulate the functions of the Guardian 9580 SSR Reverse Field Unit and Guardian RSVP2 Installer’s Reverse Tester.

Rent Trilithic 860DSP Rental

DSP: For Today and Tomorrow

The unique architecture of the 860 DSP makes it easy to upgrade and expand over time to meet emerging measurement and data communication requirements. The 860 DSP achieves this adaptability by employing virtual instrument techniques, eliminating much of the analog circuitry of older instruments with cutting-edge digital signal processing (DSP) technologies. The flexibility of DSP means that applications that were not even available when the 860 DSP was originally purchased can be added later, usually by simply downloading firmware from the Internet.

DSP technology also gives the 860 DSP the measurement speed that modern conditions demand, refreshing all-channel displays and performing signal analyzes up to 12 times faster than any other analyzer.

Not only is the 860 DSP the most capable and flexible analyzer in its class: it is also the most cost-effective. The use of DSP reduces reliance on expensive and complex analog circuitry, giving the 860 DSP a starting price no greater than that of some installation meters.

Rent 860DSP CATV Meter

Designed for Convenience, Designed for Durability

As with all Trilithic instruments, the keyboard functions are simple and direct. Buttons are large and widely spaced, making it easy to operate the 860 DSP with heavy gloves. Most measurement or data communication functions can be accessed with a single keystroke, and soft keys simplify navigation through set up and operation menus. Tests and other functions are selected from one of four convenient “desktops.” Measurement results and received data are displayed on a high-resolution “4.6 X 3.5” back lit LCD display, and detected audio can be heard through the built-in, waterproof loudspeaker.

Though the 860 DSP has the capabilities of a lab instrument, it is built for rugged, everyday use. The housing is constructed of strong shock-resistant plastic and further protected by an integral rubber boot and padded bag that minimize impact damage and increase water resistance. The 860 DSP weighs only 4 lbs., and a hand strap makes it easy to hold the 860 DSP securely in all conditions with one hand. A shoulder strap allows for hands-free carriage.

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