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About NCM-4

The NCM-4 is a high speed, Communications Manager which provides multi-user access to your 9580 SST or 9581 SST Return Path Analyzer. The NCM-4 is an Ethernet-compatible interface. It can obtain ingress data simultaneously from up to four SST units and stores a fresh ingress spectrum for each of the 32 nodes every .7 seconds. The interface then acts as a server by making this data available via standard communications manager commands. The NCM-4 emulates the ACM-8 Communications Manager in local limits checking and support of the PING function (for more information, refer to the INGRESS MANAGR OPERATION MANUAL). Due to its server topology, the NCM-4 enables you to view LIVE data for any node without stopping or interrupting a running scan strategy.

Since the NCM-4 supports multi-user access, up to six users may run their own scan strategies, collect data and launch alarms. One user is designated as the “primary” or “master” user. This user can change the SST’s detector modes (NORM, FAST, AVG, etc.). The other users are designated as “secondary” users. These users receive their ingress data which is taken based on the master user’s settings. Access to the NCM-4 is password protected and utilizes a user hierarchy designating the master and secondary users.

CAUTION: You may use the NCM-4 to access FOUR SST units for up to 32 nodes or one TPX with up to 64 nodes. If you need to support more than four SSTs, you will need additional NCM-4 interfaces.

The NCM-4 has the following features and capabilities:
Replaces the ACM-8 and EI-1 interfaces. It mimics the ACM-8 capability of local check to limits and PING functions although it does NOT mimic the EI-1.

 Rent 9581 SST NCM-4 

REMINDER: You will need INGRESS MANAGR version 3.X or higher and NCM-4 SET UP version 3.X or higher to access the NCM-4. Please contact Trilithic at (800) 344-2412 for more information.

Enables several users to network access data from any SST. The interface contains a password-protected hierarchial access. Each user has a password (one primary, up to five secondaries). The passwords are downloaded to the NCM-4 via the NCM-4 Setup program

The primary user has control over the detector mode (NORM, FAST, AVG, PEAK and TRAFFICONTROL). The five secondary users can run their own strategies or view LIVE data. Their data is based on the primary user’s settings. User #5 can be regular ingress or MINIMUM HOLD while user #6 can be regular ingress or MAXIMUM HOLD. Each user has local limits (four not to exceed and one must exceed limit) assigned to it. The MIN/MAX feature allows a user to capture the minimum or maximum value over time. The running minimum or maximum value can be read and stored by polling the respective user from an Ingress ManagR Scan Strategy. MIN HOLD will accumulate the running minimum value for each data point while MAX HOLD stores the maximum value. Both functions are reset by pinging the respective users within Ingress ManagR’s Scan Strategy.

It supports up to four SSTs simultaneously. The interface holds in memory the most recent spectrum and alarm spectrum for each node.

Acts as a TCP/IP data server so that up to six users may run scan strategies and access data simultaneously.

Supports TPX (Test Point Expander) functions. However, the update rate will not be as fast. It will acquire data for up to 64 nodes by selecting each installed TPM sequentially. It can capture and buffer ingress data for each node. In normal operation, the data collection process runs in a continuous loop. For a fully loaded TPX, new data is acquired for each node every twelve seconds in NORMAL Mode or twelve seconds in FAST Mode. The time to acquire data is proportionately shorter for fewer nodes.

The 9581 SST

Your 9581 SST Return Path Maintenance System is a single test system that enables you to deal with all aspects of return path upkeep; including both ingress control and system balancing. At the core of the system is the SST Unit, a 0.3 to 65 MHz digitizing spectrum analyzer, which is installed at the headend of your cable system.The 9581 SST™ is the hub of the Guardian System II™ for return path maintenance, providing installation, reverse sweep and ingress spectrum information to field technicians using Trilithic’s field units. When used in a Guardian System II, the 9581 SST shares spectrum information with the monitoring facility and the field units, speeding up problem identification and shortening repair times. The 9581 SST monitors the return band, generates SNMP traps, and relays monitored data to NOCs and designated network engineers. Extremely flexible, each SST supports up to twelve distribution technicians and a virtually unlimited number of installers. It can provide live spectrum information and recent historical data to as many as eight independent monitoring sites, each using its own SNMP trap criteria. Traps sent to each of these sites can be configured for different ingress severity alarm limits and persistence.

Rent Trilithic  9581 SST NCM-4

Ability to Capture All Types of Ingress

Cutting-edge DSP technology gives the 9581 SST unmatched power for capturing all types of ingress, including the short bursts that degrade VoIP services. Up to 100 times faster than analog-based analyzers, the 9581 SST captures and analyzes the entire spectrum of all connected nodes in microseconds and rescans them up to 120 times per second. Thanks to the 9581 SST’s unmatched scanning speed and high rescan rate, the NOC operator or field technician never misses an ingress outbreak capable of disrupting return services.

Features a Wide Selection of Operating Modes
A wide selection of operating modes makes the 9581 SST a highly versatile return path troubleshooting aid.

The 9581 SST simultaneously supports:

Installation tests
Distribution sweep and maintenance
Return path performance monitoringEach 9581 SST can:

Support up to 16 individual nodes
Support up to 12 distribution techs
Support dozens of installers
Send traps and live spectrum data to as many as eight server sites

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