Eliminates callback truck rolls by ensuring installation quality on the first visit
Verifies operation headroom for critical digital services
Quick, simple, automated testing with Pass/Fail results
Small, rugged, lightweight and very simple to use

Rent Trilithic Guardian RSVP 2 Reverse Path Tester

The Trilithic Guardian RSVP2™ Reverse Path Tester ensures return quality where it is most critical – the subscriber installation. Most return path problems begin in the subscriber’s home. Errors in installation, defective cabling, or incorrectly installed or loose hardware can all disrupt return path communications or allow ingress to enter the cable system. The Trilithic RSVP2 Reverse Path Tester targets key return parameters that verify the installation is error-free and ready for the demands of VOD, VoIP and HSD return services.
Return Path Tests: Quick, Sure and Easy

Pressing the “TEST” button opens communications with a Guardian 9581 SST™ Reverse Path Analyzer in the hub or headend. Automatic measurements quickly measure the required upstream transmit level and compute the Carrier/(Noise + Ingress) ratio for the path between the subscriber and the 9581 SST. The Trilithic RSVP2 Reverse Path Tester compares the results to user-settable limits and in seconds displays a simple, unambiguous “PASS” or “FAIL.”

Rent RSVP 2

The Importance of Measurement Range

Only the RSVP2 / 9581 SST combination provides the ingress measurement range needed to ensure reliable HSD, VOD and VoIP services under all conditions. Of all available return path measurement systems, only the RSVP2 Reverse Path Tester checks C/(N+I) with the range needed to ensure trouble-free service.
Built-in Test Generator for Identifying Drops

The Trilithic RSVP2 includes a tone modulated signal source for identifying cables in MDUs and other installations. Output is settable in both frequency and level.
Fast Return Path Performance Testing

The RSVP2 Tester performs measurements and analysis in seconds. The installer simply presses the START button and the RSVP2 does the rest.

Rent Trilithic Guardian RSVP 2

Consistent Measurements

To deliver an unambiguous result, the RSVP2 Tester also evaluates upstream level and C/(N+I) measurements against settable limits.
Unmatched Measurement Range

Only the RSVP2Reverse Path Tester measures C/(N+I) with enough range to ensure that every installation will provide trouble-free service under all conditions.

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