Rent Trilithic Searcher Plus + CATV Leakage Detector


Trilithic’s Searcher Plus™ leakage receiver provides readings in microVolts per meter (µV/m) for CLI measurements. The Searcher Plus offers the very best value in all aspects of CLI compliance, including:

Monitoring and Drive-Outs
Near field preventative maintenance measurement
Absolute field level measurement

Rent Searcher Plus

Wide Range of Sensitivity
The Searcher Plus measures leaks from 2 to 2000 µV/m in two ranges. A convenient distance scale is also provided and is referenced to 20 µV/m at 10 feet. The VCO-controlled audio alarm rises in pitch in proportion to the meter reading to simplify locating leaks, and the signal’s sync buzz is superimposed on the audio for ease in signal verification.

Rent Trilithic Searcher Plus

Hand Held and Vehicle Use
The Searcher Plus has a lockable vehicle mount that allows convenient drive-out operation. When installed in the mobile mount, the Searcher Plus automatically runs on vehicle power and connects to the AVM™ series mag-mount antenna on the vehicle’s roof. An exclusive peak hold detector facilitates catching the signal peak during drive-outs.

Calibrated Measurements
The Searcher Plus may be easily removed from the mobile mount for CLI measurements using the optional AFS™ series calibrated dipole. When tracking down a leak, the operator may choose the provided flexible rubber antenna or the optional near field probe for close-in inspection and fault diagnosis.

Lease Trilithic Searcher Plus + CATV Leakage Detector Rental