Rent Trilithic Super + Discriminating Leakage Receiver


Find the Small Leaks that Indicate Points of Signal Ingress
No False Alarms from Overbuilds
Greater Sensitivity on Drive-Outs

The Super Plus™ leakage receiver is designed for the new era of digital program services and overbuilt systems. Its high immunity to “false alarms” from other signal sources (even leaks from other systems) makes the Super Plus the perfect instrument for identifying leaks in noisy or overbuilt areas. Despite its high performance, the Super Plus is no larger than a Searcher Plus™. It fits into the Searcher Plus mobile mount and can be used with the same antennas.

Rent Super+

Makes Finding Signal Ingress Easy
Digital music and video services are easily disrupted by signal ingress. Points in your system that generate very small leaks can admit large amounts of signal ingress. With four to six times the sensitivity of other leakage receivers, the Super Plus is the ideal instrument for tracking down leaks to troubleshoot signal ingress problems.

No False Alarms
With the Super Plus you never need to ask the question, “Whose leak is it?” Because the Super Plus only responds to carriers that have been “tagged” by a CT-2™ Channel Tagger, it rejects the effects of ignition noise and power line interference. The Super Plus also ignores “untagged” leaks from any overbuilt system operating on the same frequency.

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Greater Sensitivity on Drive-Outs
Monitoring pole lines located in easements far from the road is no longer a problem. The Super Plus’ high sensitivity allows the operator to detect leaks that are as much as four times more distant than those usually detected by any other leakage equipment.

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