XFTP TR-3 Signal Level Meter


46 MHz to 1 GHz Frequency Coverage
6 Favorite Channels
Automatic Tilt Calculation
Analog or Digital Power Readings

Rent Trilithic TR-3 CATV Meter


The XFTP TR-3™ is an economical solution ideal for your basic HFC installation needs.

This simple to use meter provides fast and efficient measurements including; signal level measurement, tilt measurement to balance your system, and it features six Favorite channels and an extended battery life.

Weighing less than one pound, this simple to use, rugged meter has a durable plastic case and is convenient for one-hand operation.

Rent TR-3 CATV Meter

The TR-3 is ready to use with the standard NCTA channel plan.


Digital channels and favorite channels may be set easily with the TR-3 or with optional Channel Editor Software.

Single channel mode displays the video or digital power level and frequency of the selected channel in the channel plan as well as ? V/A for Analog channels. For digital channels QAM is displayed for channels that are designated as Digital channels in the channel plan.

Rent Trilithic TR-3

Single frequency mode displays the frequency and level of the audio carrier for an analog channel, or the center frequency and level of a digital channel. The TR-3 can be manually tuned to any frequency (46 MHz to 1 GHz) in steps of 50 kHz, 100 kHz, 1 MHz, 10 MHz, or 100 MHz.

Favorites mode displays the video or digital power levels of any six selected channels in the plan.

Tilt mode displays the video or digital power level of the lowest channel in the Favorites mode and the level difference (tilt) between the lowest and highest favorite channels.

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