Trilithic XFTP House Detective Installation Kit


The House Detective™ installation kits are a selection of instruments specifically designed to provide everything you need for basic installation, validation, and service of modern cable television services. This group of instruments was selected based on years of experience supplying test equipment to the cable industry, accompanied with a clear understanding of the tasks needed to certify a modern drop. The House Detective gives you everything you need for efficient cable installations at a very affordable price.

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House Detective

This original House Detective installation kit includes the TR-2™ signal level meter, the Seeker Lite™ leakage detector, and the TDR-2040™ cable fault locator.

TR-2 signal level meter

The XFTP TR-2 is an economical solution ideal for your basic HFC installation needs. This simple to use meter provides fast and efficient measurements including; signal level measurement, tilt measurement to balance your system, carrier to-noise measurements, a voltmeter function, and it features an extended battery life. Weighing less than one pound, this simple to use, rugged meter has a durable plastic case and is convenient for one-hand operation.


Seeker Lite Leakage Detector

The Seeker Lite²™ is a tough, convenient and flexible leakage test tool. It assists in subscriber installs by verifying that leakage in the house is not great enough to contribute to the cable system’s cumulative leakage index (CLI). Leaks can also be important sources of ingress that can hinder communication on the return band. The Seeker Lite² can also be used to find leaks during troubleshooting. Seeker Lite² works by measuring ambient RF leakage in and around a subscriber’s premises and can be used to identify and locate all RF leaks greater than 10 µV/m.

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TDR 2040 Cable Fault Locator

The TDR 2040 provides installation technicians and anyone involved in the installation or maintenance of metallic cables with the capability to quickly find faults in cables from a distance of 0 to 2500 feet. The evaluation is performed by simply selecting the appropriate cable type from a pre-stored library, attaching the cable connector (or attaching test leads to the two conductors of the cable), and pressing a single button to display the distance to the open or short. Voltage is continuously measured and displayed to warn the operator of a potentially dangerous condition. The TDR 2040 will also inject one of multiple tones into the cable for tracing cables in walls or ceilings, with any standard probe.

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