TPNA-1000 Triple Play Network Analyzer

Increase Technician Productivity and Efficiency
Comprehensive Installation & Service Test Capability
Cost-Effective Solution
Automated Tests Improve Consistency and Accuracy
Embedded Dual Modem (DOCSIS 2.0 and EuroDOCSIS 2.0)
Color Display, Compact Design

Rent Trilithic XFTP TPNA-1000 Network Analyzer CATV


The hand-held TPNA-1000™ Triple Play Network Analyzer offers a full complement of analog and digital test functions, an imbedded DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem and highly sought after auto test functionality; The TPNA-1000 Triple Play Network Analyzer provides a full complement of standard testing tools, previously only available in high-end multi-function meters.
With this full complement of testing capabilities and automated quality assurance tests, a simple user interface, large color screen and a relatively low price point; the new TPNA-1000 is the most cost-effective multi-function analyzer available today and is the ideal solution for all fulfillment techs and contractors.

Testing Features

The analyzer includes a wide range of analog and digital test functions, including automated testing, as well as a DOCSIS 2.0 modem for testing data transmission capability throughout the network.
The TPNA-1000 measures a comprehensive set of digital signal parameters (Channel Power, MER, BER, Constellation Diagram), as well as analog signal performance characteristics (Single-Frequency Level, Scan, Tilt, HUM, C/N, Depth of Modulation), and Spectrum Analysis. In Level and Fast Spectrum Modes, the Peak-Hold function detects intermittent interference as a troublshooting aid useful in HFC network construction and maintenance.
The TPNA-1000 has a voltmeter function to enable measurement of line voltage. The analyzer comes with USB and LAN ports for use with a PC. The internal cable modem supports CMTS Registration, CM Statistics, Ping, Throughput Testing, and Web Browser.


The TPNA-1000 spectrum analyzer function supports two display control modes: center/span and start/ stop frequencies. The user can change RBW (Resolution Bandwidth) and averaging to improve the spectrum view at various spans. For interference analysis, the peak-hold marker and double marker functions show the difference between peak spectrum and current spectrum. LEVEL MEASUREMENT The TPNA-1000 measures levels of analog TV, QAM, single frequency signal, and dual audio channels. The level mode provides video level, audio level, V/A, peak-hold level and peak–peak value. More detail is also provided in a single channel spectrum function.

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The TPNA-1000 level displays up to 150 channels in living color. A marker selects any of the signals on the display and associated measurement information is provided at the bottom of the screen. The user can also zoom in/out on the scan in five different ranges.


The Tilt mode provides a quick check for flatness and amplitude, with support for up to 16 tilt channels.


Automated performance verification tests improve the consistency and accuracy of measurement data. The TPNA-1000 provides a convenient way to automatically test a variety of signals and characteristics in a single operation that performs a series of user prescribed tests, including level, spectrum, limit test, and QAM. The test results will be saved automatically.


The user can create up to 12 different channel plans and can very quickly and easily switch to any of the plans. Reducing Operating Costs The hand-held TPNA-1000 Triple Play Network Analyzer offers increased technician productivity and efficiency at a relatively low price point. The analyzer includes a wide range of analog and digital test functions, including automated testing, as well as a DOCSIS 2.0 modem for testing data transmission capability throughout the network.


Simple, quick access to measurements are enhanced by the use of a color display, soft keys and a spin knob, providing an especially simple, intuitive user interface. This analyzer performs a variety of user prescribed measurements in automated tests that are initiated with a single key press. This speeds the installation test by performing all of the required test steps without user intervention, and automatically recording the results for submission as a quality certification (assuming they pass).

Rent Trilithic XFTP TPNA-1000


The analyzer is hand-held and designed for rugged field use. The typical battery life of more than six hours is exceptional for a unit at this price point.


The instrument’s color display makes measurement interpretation easy. Automated tests shorten the test process and automatically record measurement results. Firmware updates can be performed using the USB interface, ensuring that keeping the instrument up-todate is not a chore.


The unit operates over the complete 5 to 1 GHz frequency range, has an impressive level measurement range, includes simple return path tests for ingress, and has an impressive set of QAM analysis/troubleshooting tools.


The analyzer performs all of the test functions needed to certify a home network, in addition to providing important troubleshooting assistance through QAM constellations, equalizer tap graphs and error vector spectrum displays that enable seeing the spectrum within the QAM channel.

Cost Effective Deployment

Fleet-wide deployment of TPNA 1000’s for installation crews and contractors can lead to improved reliability that eliminates call-back truck rolls and leads to higher customer satisfaction. Accountability and quality assurance is enhanced by the use of automated pass/fail tests with data collection and the ability to attach printed measurement results to work orders. The learning curve for new installers is shortened by the use of preprogrammed automated tests and an extremely simple and intuitive user interface.


Single-Frequency Level
Channel Scan
Tilt/Level Test
Depth of Modulation
Spectrum Scanning Analysis


Channel Power
Return Path Noise


CMTS Registration
CM Statistics


Throughput Testing
Web Browser

Multiple Channel Plans
Auto Tests
Limit Tests
Voltage Measurement
Dual Sound Channel Test

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