Rent Acterna JDSU Wavetek DSAM-2300 XT CATV Meter


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The Acterna DSAM is a high-speed data installer meter that increases the number of cable modem installs per day. Using exclusive digital signal processing and integrated DOCSIS chipset technology, the meter communicates with the network CMTS to verify suitable conditions for cable modem installation from the subscriber’s location. The DSAM is also equipped with signal level meter capabilities, including spectrum scanning for ingress assessment and mini-scan analysis of up to twelve analog and/or digital channels. The meter’s AutoTest capability makes installations easier and more reliabe than ever before.

The new DSAM DOCSIS 3.0 models provide the best in class combination of full DOCSIS 3.0 testing combined with a powerful Signal Level Meter and QAM analyzer.

Rent DSAM-2300 XT CATV Meter


8 downstream x 4 upstream DOCSIS 3.0 testing
Throughput testing of bonded services
Up to 304 Mbps down, 120 Mbps up (6 MHz carriers)
Gigabit Ethernet port standard
Optional Gig E Throughput testing available
Improved Digital Carrier testing
Deep interleave video BER standard
MER range up to 45 dB
DQI measurement capability
MoCA® compatible
Cable Labs®-compliant certificates
Legacy support for DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0
Includes all measurements and features of previous models
Fully featured SLM (Signal Level Meter) with QAM analysis and integrated DOCSIS® cable modem
Reduce repeat truck rolls Increase productivity and with comprehensive Home Certification test
Consistent and accurate testing and reporting powered by the Tech Complete™ TPP software
Powerful troubleshooting of service impairments with DQI, QAM Ingress, and VoIP Check
Weatherproof, rugged & lightweight to meet the demands of field technicians
Remote meter management with consistent and accurate test reporting powered by the Tech Complete™ TPP software
Powerful microprocessor and color display for fast power up and dramatic display clarity, now shipping as DSAMXT
4 to 1000 MHz range with optional 42 MHz, 65MHz, or 85MHz diplexers to match the return path

Rent Acterna JDSU Wavetek DSAM-2300 XT


Conduct full DOCSIS 3.0 performance testing
Perform 8 downstream by 4 upstream bonded carrier testing
Troubleshoot digital QAM carriers  – troubleshoot and eliminate intermittent HDTV and HSD service impairments with JDSU’s unique DQI, QAM Ingress, and VoIP Check™
Find Return Path Ingress
Verify service quality  – Qualify the quality and availability of revenue generating Voice, Cable Modem, and Digital Video services at installation time
Home Certification™ reports –  Establish consistent installation and service procedures to reduce repeat truck rolls with DSAM’s Home Certification option
Legacy testing of DOCSIS 1.X and 2.0
Non-invasive forward and reverse sweeping
Test digital and analog video
Ethernet Testing of customers service
Troubleshoot upstream noise and service issues interactively with PathTrak™ using Field view and QAM demodulation on RPM-3000
Segment HSD and VoIP problems between HFC network and IP backbone with JDSU’s exclusive VoIP Check™

Key Features

8 downstream x 4 upstream DOCSIS 3.0 testing
Digital carrier testing with up to 45 dB MER range
Integrated Pre-Amplifier for -45dBmV ingress scans and return path troubleshooting
Complete DOCSIS® testing of carriers including MER, BER, throughput, packetloss, jitter, and delay
DQI Digital Quality Index to help find and eliminate intermittent problems
Home Certification test simplifies fulfillment testing and reduces truck rolls
QAM Ingress – finds noise and interferers inside the QAM carrier
VoIP Check option – Provides MOS call quality ratings and segments HFC and IP issues
24 hour Proof of Performance testing including Hum, C/N, MER, BER and Power Levels
Powerful spectrum analysis
Upstream 16/64 QAM generator
Weather and shock-resistant enclosure
Configuration of channel plans and tests via the TechComplete TPP software
Complete QAM analyzer and Analog tester

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