Rent Wavetek 3SR Stealth Sweep CATV Meter


The Wavetek hand-held System Sweep Receiver performs essential cable TV system preventive maintenance tests with accuracy and ease. Signal levels, hum, C/N, and frequency response can be quickly tested without subscriber interference.

The 3SR Receiver is a full-featured signal analysis meter, with a complete spectrum display and an analog representation of single channel measurement data.

Rent 3SR

When tuned to a specific channel, a comprehensive set of information is provided: tuned channel, video frequency and level, audio frequency and level, the difference between video and audio carrier levels.

Rent Wavetek 3SR

The 3SR Receiver is a streamlined, hand-held instrument, that weighs less than five pounds.

Its 320 X 240 dot matrix LCD shows measurement data in both graphical and numerical form.

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