Rent Wavetek Acterna CLI-950 CATV Cable Leakage Meter



Frequency Agile Leakage Detection and Measurement
High Sensitivity with Leakage Tagging (Wide Meter Range)
Headend Video “Tagging” Option Differentiates Leaks in Overbuilt Systems, Increases Detection Range, and Limits False Alarms
Vehicle Docking Station Option for Quick Vehicle Antenna and Charging Connections
Icon Based User Interface for Ease of Operation in all Languages
Easy to Read High Resolution LCD
Durable, Hand-Held, Light-Weight and Water Resistant

The CLI-950 is a hand-held leak detection meter with the sensitivity and accuracy required to find and measure cable leaks. Its high resolution graphic LCD provides a simple user interface to make it ideal for every technician, from the novice to the expert.

With the growing implementation of digital carrier transmission, guarding against ingress becomes more important. Most cable systems are implementing processes that require the installer to certify the installation by checking for leaks at the end of the install. This will insure that there are no leaks, and this correlates to no ingress. The CLI-950 can also be used by dedicated leakage crews, and with leakage GPS tracking systems.

The operator tunes the CLI-950 to a video carrier in the 115 to 140 MHz frequency range. The alarm can be configured to trip when it detects the presence of an RF signal at the tuned frequency, and/or the presence of the optional tagging signal. The CLI-950 monitors/measures video carriers, and as such, it is not necessary to inject an additional RF signal in precious spectrum to make accurate leakage measurements.

Rent CLI-950

Easy To Read Graphic Display

The leakage display provides a wealth of information. A double bar graph simultaneously displays two ranges to make it easy to measure both low and high level leaks without constant switching from one scale to another. The actual leak level is read out in ?V/m, or another user-selected measurement unit. The CLI-950 reads ?V/meter at a distance of three meters, and converts longer (user-entered) distances to equivalent three meter readings for hard to access easement situations. A peak hold function holds the highest measured level as the dipole antenna is rotated in the measurement process. The peak is shown as a solid line on the bar graph, and the actual peak level is displayed numerically. There is a visual alarm indicator, an indication of presence of video modulation, and if a leakage tagger is used, its detection is also indicated on the screen.

Rent Wavetek Acterna CLI-950


Level Measurement

Input Sensitivity: Measurement: From 1.4 ?V\
Accuracy: ±1.5 dB @ 25°C


Tunes to video carrier frequencies in the 115 to 140 MHz range
Accuracy: 20 ppm
Resolution: 25 kHz steps


Dimensions: 4.25″ wide; 10.5″ tall; 3″ deep
Weight: 1.36 kg (3.0 lb.)
Operating Temp. Range: -10 to +50°C (14 to 122°F); ±3.0 dB drift.
Water Resistance: Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810D (Method 506.2)


Extended Life Battery: 5.3 hours continuous (backlight off)
Charge Time: 16 hour max. charge with unit “off,” depending on initial charge state.

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