Rent Wavetek JDSU SDA-5000 Digital Analyzer W/ Opt 1


Free Cable TV Installer Starter Toolkit Included!
Coax Cable Stripper (Brand New)
Gilbert Termination Tool (Brand New)
Coax Security Shield Wrench (Brand New)
Coax Pocket Toner w/ Battery (Brand New)

JSDU Acterna Wavetek SDA-5000 Stealth Digital Analyzer :


The SDA-5000 is used for HFC network testing and deployment of digital video, data, and traditional analog services. It is part of a system sweep solution. The SDA-5000 is a small, lightweight hand-held field CATV Sweep Analyzer for diagnosing and eliminating problems quickly in CATV system equipment. Ideal for aligning amplifiers, testing performance of both forward and reverse path networks, finding and fixing sources of reverse path ingress, measuring signal quality, and fulfilling FCC and CENELEC proof-of-performance requirements.

Rent SDA-5000

Qualifies the network for today’s high-growth subscriber services.
Reduces technician time for the most labor intensive maintenance and troubleshooting.
Advanced QAM analysis for 64, 128, and 256 QAM (OPTIONAL).
Spectrum display from 5 to 1,000 MHz with cable modem analysis (Zero Span mode).
Totally non-interfering sweep, specifically for 64, 128, and 256 QAM digital channels.(OPTIONAL)

Rent Wavetek JDSU SDA-5000

Non-interfering, continuously referenced sweep.
Cable modem analysis using Zero Span mode.
Full in-service, proof-of-performance analyzer.
QAM View (OPTION) provides complete analysis of digital TV and forward cable modem signals.
Find ingress fast with Field View (OPTION). Cable technicians working in the field can see the reverse path at the headend

Lease Wavetek JDSU SDA-5000 Digital Analyzer W/ Opt 1 Rental