The Cadant® C3™ Cable Modem Termination System is a CableLabs® DOCSIS® 2.0 Qualified Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) delivering superior performance for up to 3000 registered cable modems while occupying only one rack unit (1RU) of space (1.75 in) in a cable operator’s head-end facility. This small size allows operators successful deployments of next generation IP services in both new and existing cable networks in any size market worldwide. The system utilizes a dual RISC processor architecture for supporting high traffic volume with excellent latency control and ample reserve processing resources. Transmit and receive capacity is scalable with a single system supporting one downstream RF channel via an integrated up converter and up to six upstream RF channels. The two network interfaces support 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet.

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Flexible Upstream Channel Configurations

With two, four or six physical upstream channels available for the Cadant C3 CMTS, an operator can tailor the number of upstreams in the system to match the anticipated traffic conditions and node sizes in the network. The optimal number of upstreams can be chosen to balance both cost and service growth potential in a given deployment area.

Advanced RF Performance

The Cadant C3 CMTS includes a fully digital receiver supporting TDMA, ATDMA and SCDMA. This allows operators to utilize parts of the upstream below 20 MHz that were previously unusable due to noise conditions. The added benefit is that existing legacy DOCSIS or Euro-DOCSIS 1.x cable modems can operate in 16 QAM mode or use wider channels on existing HFC cable plant.
Operator Selectable Layer 2 or Layer 3 Forwarding

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Networks implementing Layer 2 bridging technology can take advantage of the Cadant C3 CMTS’s Layer 2 mode of operation. Additionally the Cadant C3 CMTS offers static routing and an optional choice of RIPv2 or OSPFv2 Layer 3 routing protocols. With the option of up to 250 sub-interfaces per physical interface, operators have the flexibility to provision individual Layer 3 routing protocols or Layer 2 bridging on a per sub-interface basis.

Bandwidth on Demand

Boosted data rates for ultra-high-speed applications is a premium service which provides an additional source of revenue for cable operators. This is supported through a PacketCable Multimedia™ (PCMM) interface for Common Open Policy Service(COPS) Dynamic Quality of Service (DQoS) with a Policy Server.

Rent Arris Cadant C3 CMTS

Scalable and Reliable VoIP

Up to 1,000 voice lines may be provisioned on one Cadant C3 CMTS. For E-MTA’s, NCS and SIP are supported using DOCSIS Dynamic Service QoS and PacketCable Multimedia COPS DQoS. For stand-alone MTA’s, SIP is supported using Dynamic Polling. Voice and data packets can be copied and forwarded to a lawful intercept mediation device.
Commercial Services Solutions The Cadant C3 CMTS enables end-to-end VLANs using 802.1Q tagging. Optional downstream broadcast privacy allows each VLAN to operate as a secure and private network for VPN-like service. DS1 and E1 service is enabled when the C3 CMTS is deployed with ARRIS circuit emulation equipment. Typical applications are PBX and cellular backhaul.

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