ComSonics’ Sniffer SHADOW uses the latest technology to bring you an ultra-reliable, field-use friendly, feature packed Installer’s Signal Leakage Instrument. Single button operation limits the possibility of time consuming erroneous monitoring. SHADOW is either ON or OFF. It cannot be mistuned and yet allows the flexibility for selecting a new frequency if needed. ComSonics’ exclusive Leakage Signal Validation feature saves time and money by helping the user to quickly decide whether or not the signal observed at any moment is really the desired signal, or simply spectral noise cluttering the airwaves from a near-by appliance.

Rent ComSonics Sniffer Shadow Signal Leakage Instrument

Add to that two modes of operation that conserve battery energy while always ready to sound the alarm when moved into a leakage field. A flip of SHADOW’s cover reveals the liquid crystal display, hoists the integral antenna and activates the Measurement Mode. Closing the cover restores the Monitoring Mode. In the Monitoring Mode, SHADOW’s hunger for power drops to near insignificance while maintaining a watchful vigilance.
ONE Button Design

Single Button Operation
Exclusive Leakage Validation Indicator
More than 40 Monitoring Mode Hours
More than 8 Measuring Mode Hours
No Larger than a Cell Phone
Classic Sniffer® Warble Tone
Fix-Tuned to one of 40 Channels
Tri-Function LCD Protective Cover
Dual Purpose Recharge Port

Leakage Validation Indicator (LVI™)

Minimizes Erroneous Readings
Exclusive Patented Algorithm
Identify Real Cable Leakage
Differentiates Extraneous Noise
Active in Measure Mode
Signal Presence Sniffer® Warble Alert

Integral Antenna/Display Cover

Flip Design Protects Display
Open to Turn On
Open to Activate Measure Mode
Close to Activate Monitor Mode
Antenna in Flip Cover

Rent Sniffer Shadow Signal


Single Button
Flip LCD Cover Mode Selector


Access through External Power/Recharge Port
User Accessible Features
Tuner Frequency Select (From Programmable Set)
Squelch Threshold, Monitor Mode
Squelch Threshold, Measure Mode
Scrambled Channel Offset Adjust (0dB to 6 dB in 0.5 dB steps)
Units of Measure Select
Leakage Validation Disable/Enable
Warble Tone Maximum Loudness Adjust (25% to 100%)


Lithium Ion (Li-lon) Factory Replaceable 3.6 Vdc, Rechargeable
Single Charge Life, Monitor Mode: >100 Hours
Single Charge Life, Measure Mode: >8 Hours
SMART Recharge Time: <6 Hours


Signal Level (Graphic & Numeric) Indicators
Leakage Validation Indicator
Units of Measure Indicator
Battery Life Graphic Indicator
Monitor Mode Indicator
Charging Mode Indicator
Communications Mode Indicator
Aural, Monitor Mode
Signal Presence Alert
Low Battery Alert
Squelch Factory Set to 10 µV/m
Aural, Measure Mode
Signal Level Indication
Squelch Set to 0.0 10 µV/m
Low Battery Alert

Rent ComSonics Sniffer Shadow Signal


Operating Temperature Range: 0°F to 120°F (-18°C to 49°C)
Storage Temperature Range: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)


High Impact, Stylish, Field Friendly, Injection Molded Case
Selectively Overmolded for Handling Security
Moisture and Dust Resistant
Flip LCD Cover/Mode Selector/Antenna
Weight: < 7 ounces (198 grams)

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