Rent Riser Bond 1205CX Metallic TDR Cable Fault Locator


The Riser-Bond 1205CX is designed to quickly and easily locate cable faults in metallic cables. Using time domain reflectometry, or cable radar, the 1205CX transmits a signal down to the cable and displays any impedance discontinuities along the cable. These impedance discontinuities reflect some or all of the signal energy back to the instrument. These reflections are measured and displayed as a waveform and a numeric distance to the fault.

Rent 1205CX


Locate cable faults in all coaxial and twisted pair applications
Identify small, often unsuspected faults that may be within inches of each other by using the sub-nanosecond pulse width
Use the exclusive SUPER-STORE waveform data storage to store both on-screen and off-screen cable waveform information. The operator can move the cursors, change the VOP and increase or decrease the gain and zoom settings, even on stored waveforms!
Live, stored, and multiple waveform display
RS-232 Port with WAVE-VIEW for Windows software. Cable waveform information can be analyzed, stored, compared, adjusted and printed on your computer while your TDR goes back into the field
Monitor and locate hard-to-find intermittent faults using the Intermittent Fault Detection (IFD) mode
Automatic fault severity calculation and display
AUTO-SEARCH and manual cursor placement
Measure between any two points on the waveform using unique dual independent cursors
Eliminate unwanted waveform noise with multi-level filtering
Range feature pre-sets pulse width and distance measurements

Rent Riser Bond 1205CX

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