Rent Riser Bond 1205T-OSP Dual Input Metallic TDR

The Riser Bond 1205T-OSP is a dual input metallic time domain reflectometer cable fault locator for coaxial cables. The 1205T is used to find small faults that plague high bandwidth systems or cause digital signal interruption.

Riser-Bond Instruments has taken waveform storage to a higher level. Model 1205T’s exclusive SUPER-STORETM is the ultimate in waveform storage, viewing, and comparison.Competitive TDRs store only a screen snapshot of the cable under test. Model 1205T stores all on-screen and off-screen cable data, for viewing at all gain settings. Recall the waveform on Model 1205T or upload to a PC for post-storage analysis, comparison, manipulation, and archiving. Or, download the waveform directly to an external printer.


Locate cable and connector faults in all types of twisted pair and coaxial cables.
No complicated menus. Every key has a function and every function has a key.
Seven selectable pulse widths.
Two line, live input for cable comparison.
Automatic crosstalk measurement capability.
Automatic fault severity calculation.
Exclusive SUPER-STORETM waveform storage.
RS-232 Port with WAVE-VIEWTM Software for Windows® standard.
Intermittent Fault Detection mode detects and siplays intermittent faults and allows the operator to manipulate and reposition the waveform without affecting the IFD function.
Multi-function noise filters.
Unique dual independent cursors.
Automatic and manual cursor placement functions.
Powered cable warning.
Compact, lightweight,and portable OSP packaging.

Rent 1205T-OSP


Physical Dimensions:
Height: 10.5 inches (267 mm)
Width: 9.75 inches (247.6 mm)
Depth: 5 inches (127 mm)
Weight: 6 pounds (3.6 kg)

Power: Internal, Rechargeable, 7.2V Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack

Charging Source: External 12VAC transformer 1.3A (minimum charger)

Operating Time: Greater than 6 hours, continuous, without backlight

Rent Riser Bond 1205T-OSP

Operating temperature: +32 deg F (0 C) to +122 deg F (+50 C)
Typical temperature: 5 deg F (-20 C) to +140 deg F (+60 C)
Storage temperature: -4 deg F (-20 C) to +140 deg F (+60 C)
Humidity: 95% maximum relative humidity, noncondensing.

Display: 320 x 240 dot matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) with CFL backlighting.
Horizontal Resolution: <2000 ft: < .25 ft at .99 VOP, <.07 ft at .30 VOP >2000 ft: 1 ft at any VOP
Vertical Resolution: 14 bits with 170 dots displayed
Vertical Sensitivity: Greater than 65 dB

Output Pulse: Selectable output pulse widths

Maximum Range: 63,700 ft (19,400 meters) at .990 VOP, 51,500 ft (15,500 meters) at .800 VOP
Range varies with VOP. Maximum testable cable length will vary with pulse width and cable type.

Distance Accuracy: +/0.1 ft (.03m) plus +/.01% of reading. Accuracy will vary with VOP and cable type.

Input Protection: 400 volts (AC + DC) from DC to 400 Hz and decreases to 10 volts at 1 MHz

Auto dBRL: 2 digit auto dBRL calculation at cursor setting.

Velocity of Propagation: Keypad selection from .300 to .990 in .001 or .01 increments.

Waveform Storage: Each with full vertical resolution

Standard: 8 waveforms

Optional: 32 waveforms

Automatic/Manual Noise Filter:

Standard: Two averaging filters.

Optional: Multi-function/level filter routines.

Output Connector: Front panel female BNC.

Serial I/O Port: RS-232.


ISO 9001 registered

CE Certified

Lease RiserBond 1205T-OSP CATV Meter