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Rent Sadelco DisplayMax 5000 Signal Level CATV Meter

The DisplayMax 5000 provides a complete test solution for today’s installation workforce. The 5000 series measures analog and digital channel power as well as quality measurements such as MER, BER and C/N. Return levels are measured using a built-in DOCSIS modem, insuring sufficient headroom for reliable modem operation.

Finally, shielding is verifi ed by measuring Leakage and Ingress. All these tests from a single, low cost and easy to use field instrument. The DisplayMax 5000 is the only meter your installers need.

Field Rugged and Accurate

The DisplayMax 5000 has a rugged aluminum housing, weather proof keypad, protected LCD display, virtually unbreakable F-connector bushings and comes in a padded nylon case. In addition to the rugged mechanical design, it has a built-in white noise source that acts as a calibration reference. Before each reading, the meter adjusts its calibration, making the 5000 series not only rugged, but also extremely accurate. The auto-calibration feature eliminates the need for annual calibration.

Rent DisplayMax 5000

Return Levels

Measuring return levels not only verifies a connection with the CMTS, but also insures sufficient headroom for reliable modem operation. With the press of a single button, DisplayMax 5000 displays the return level on a large easy to read display. If levels are too high, the installer can take measurements at various locations to pinpoint and fix the source of the problem.


Quality measurements are necessary to insure reliable performance of the customer’s equipment. MER and BER measure signal quality of a digital channel, while C/N measures signal quality of an analog channel.

Rent Sadelco DisplayMax 5000

Leakage and Ingress

Leakage and Ingress are essential tests to verify good shielding properties of the home and drop cable as well as any component attached to the cable. An installation that is free from ingress and leakage will provide reliable service to the customer – both today and in the future.


As the highly customizable DisplayMax 5000 lets you pick your options, it also allows for later upgrades. So rest assured if you realise down the line you want more options you can add them later, and don’t need to buy a new unit.

OPT-01 Ingress Detection:
Detect unwanted ingress signals in the drop and home wiring. Meter automatically scans the return path and checks for ingress down to -40 dBmV. A Pass / Fail message is displayed along with the frequency and level of the highest ingress signal.

OPT-02 Leakage Detection:
Detect forward channels leaking from the drop and home wiring. Leakage detection is the fastest way to find the source of Ingress; simply attach the rubber duck antenna and search for “hot spots”. Shutting down a source of Leakage shuts down a source of Ingress.

OPT-04 Modem Return Level:
This option adds a DOCSIS modem chip-set to your meter. Qualify the return path by establishing a connection with the CMTS (cable modem termination system) and verify healthy margins by viewing the modem’s return level.

Lease Sadelco DisplayMax 5000 Signal Level CATV Meter Rental