Rent Sadelco MiniMax 800 Signal Level CATV Meter


Accurate Under All Conditions
Internal White Noise Generator
Guaranteed + 1dB accuracy, + 0.5 typical.

Measures Digital Channels
Average Power of QAM Signals

Easy to Operate
Fast Digital Tuning
Auto Ranging
Digital Display
Favorite Channels

Built to Last
Sealed All-Weather Keypad
Metal Housing
Padded Nylon Bag
New Neverbreak “F” Connector

C/N and Hum
Check Picture Quality

Electronic ShutOff
Saves Battery Power and Increased Time Between Charges

Rent MiniMax 800

C/N: Range > 50 dB with external preselector
C/N Accuracy: ± 2 dB
Hum: 0.5 5%, ± 0.3%, detects all hum up to 600 Hz.
Favorite Channels: 9 user Programmable Channels.
Delta PA: Automatically calculates and displays difference between picture and audio levels of same channel.
Audio: Adjustable volume, waterproof mylar speaker.
Illumination: Switchable lights for night work
Battery Test: Shows battery voltage and elapsed time
Power Supply: Built-in NiCads provide >16 hrs of normal intermittent use
Electronic Shut-Off: User adjustable, 5 min, 10 min or continuous
Digital Channel Measurement: Measures average power of QAM signals

Rent Sadelco MiniMax 800

Frequency Range: 5 872 MHz
Standard Channel Plans:EIA (NTSC), HRC, IRC, AIR-VHF, UHF, FM, PAL and Custom Channel Plans available on request.
Tuning Increments
Frequency Mode: 125 KHz
Channel Mode: 6, 7, or 8 MHz
Frequency Accuracy: ± 20 KHz
IF Bandwidth: 280 KHz at 3dB points
FM Selectivity: Will distinguish 2 FM signals of similar amplitude 300 Khz apart
Measurement Range: -30 to +50 dBmV (+30 to +110dBuV)
Amplitude Accuracy; ± 1.0 dB at 77° F; ± 2.0 dB from 0° 120° F
Auto Calibration: Each measurement computer corrected for level, attenuator setting and temperature
Internal Calibrator: ± 0.25 dB, 4.5 864 MHz white noise source

Range: 40 dB autoranging, computer corrected
Input: 75 ohm, user replaceable F81 connector, BNC available on request.

Digital LCD: Indicates channel, frequency and signal level in dBmB (switchable to dBuV)

8.5″ L x 4″ W x 2.5″ D
21 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm
Weight: 3.1 lbs (1.4 Kg), including case and batteries.

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