Rent Sunrise Hukk CR1200R Digital Signal Analyzer


Hukk CR1200R digital signal analyzer with ability of return channel testing provides 64/256 QAM and IF 44 MHz signals measuring, display with null interval for viewing cable modem’s return signals and transition processes. It also performs automated measures at checking all analog and digital channels. Device is equipped with hard waterproof coffer. Besides, CR1200R is full functional analog signal level meter and is fully compatible with DOCSIS modems.

Rent CR1200R

CR1200R features functions of QAM diagram analysis and BER meter for modulated signal. Using it operator can quickly evaluate quality of equipment installation. Beside QAM measure CR1200R allows measure return channel path with full specter representation and gives a possibility to measure IF 44 MHz signals and fix return channel faults. Special mode with null interval gives user possibility to measure TDMA return channel signals such as 16 QAM or QPSK used in cable modems and telephony. A display with null interval can show real TDMA signals and fast transitions up to 10 µsec in duration.

Rent Sunrise Hukk CR1200R

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