The RFM150 SignalScout is a high-performance RF signal level meter designed to meet the demanding requirements of cable TV applications. Besides providing basic level measurement capabilities, SignalScout can measure and display other important information needed to properly install and maintain a cable TV system. Measurements include in-service Carrier-to-Noise and Hum, the frequency spectrum of a channel, and FM deviation. A built-in FM detector and speaker are also included for easier identification of the selected channel.

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Level Measurement Modes

SignalScout provides a variety of level display modes including single channel, pilots, 5-channel, analog meter, and all-channel mode. All of these modes are available by selecting the LEVEL hard key.

The signal-channel mode displays the visual-carrier level (in dBmV or dBuV) as well as the aural carrier difference (in dBc), the site name (if entered by user), the channel number, and the frequency. The carrier frequency can be quickly selected using the user-definable function keys, direct numeric entry, or the knob. With numeric entry, the user can enter either the number or the frequency of the desired channel.

Pilots mode (2-channel) and 5-channel mode can be used to measure the level of two or five channels simultaneously. The default channel or frequency can be defined by the user using the Utilities menu or by a simple press and hold of the function keys.

Analog meter mode provides the same basic measurement function as single channel mode, but using a simulated analog meter display. Users may use this mode for peaking and/or nulling adjustments.

Worldwide Compatibility

SignalScout is designed to be compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM cable TV systems. Built-in channel tables are included for many countries and others are user programmable. Channel tables can also be created and downloaded to the RFM150 using the CSS150 SignalScout software. In addition, SignalScout is able to measure the levels of dual carrier sound systems in use throughout the world including NICAM, analog dual carrier, and Korean dual carrier.

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Digitally Modulated Carriers

SignalScout is designed to meet the requirements of emerging cable TV technologies by providing the capability to measure the average level of digitally modulated carriers.

Automatic Test Sequences

Automatic test sequences can be downloaded into the RFM150 through the built-in RS232C port using the CSS150 SignalScout software. The CSS150 SignalScout software is Microsoft Windows-based software to control and display measurement results of a Tektronix RFM150 cable television RF measurement meter. These sequences minimize keystrokes during testing sessions by reducing detailed measurement requirements to a couple of keystrokes. In addition, test sequences guarantee consistency of measurement practices between individuals and over time.

The results of these measurement sequences can be uploaded to a PC using the CSS150 software for long term archiving of maintenance records.

Internal Timer Function

An internal timer function can be used to program SignalScout to turn itself on, perform a sequence of measurements, and store the results. The instrument turns itself off after the measurements are completed, thus reducing power consumption and extending battery life. This capability is essential for satisfying the requirements of FCC 24 hour testing and other time-specific testing.

Results Storage

Non-volatile memory allows storage of individual measurement results as well as measurement sequences user defined. Data such as time, date, temperature, and site identification are included with each record. The standard 32 K-bytes of nonvolatile memory is sufficient to satisfy the storage needs of most applications. Additional non-volatile memory is sufficient to satisfy the storage needs of most applications.

Rent Tektronix Signal Scout RFM150

Specifications & Features
5 MHz to 1 GHz frequency range
± 1 dB accuracy over wide temperature range
In-service Hum measurement
FM deviation measurement
Multiple level modes
Channel spectrum display
Multi-format compatible NTSC, PAL, SECAM, digital carriers
Reference sweep with up to 8 references
Local storage of measurement results
Easy-to-use, most selections require two keystrokes or less. Numeric keypad simplifies channel or frequency selections.
Interface port for uploading test results to a PC and dowloading test sequences and configuration to Signal Scout
Internal timer function for FCC 24 hour testing and other time-specific testing
NICAM and dual aural carrier compatible
FM detector and speaker
Durable and weather-resistant
Windows-based CSS150 software to control and display measurement
CE Certified

Tektronix RFM150 SignalScout
AC Adapter/Charger
Power Cord
RS232 PC Interface Cable
Quick Reference Card
User Manual On CD-ROM
Soft Carrying Case

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