Rent Trilithic Model Two CATV Meter

Distribution Signal Level Meter

Verifies system performance using a complete range of measurements
Measures analog and digital carrier levels from 5-870 MHz
5 to 870 MHz Spectrum analyzer range
Large, high-resolution display and easy-to-understand user interface
Ample measurement data storage for unattended test
Designed for the cable test environment while keeping the needs of the installer and field technician in mind, the hand-held Model Two™ signal level meter provides a full complement of measurement functions.

Rent Model Two CATV Meter

Learned Channel Plans

The Trilithic Model Two can retain up to five user-defined channel plans.

Special Tilt / Favorites Plan

Select up to twelve key channels in each User Plan to be included in a Tilt Favorite Channel Plan of the Model Two.
Informative Measurement Modes

The Trilithic Model Two also measures carrier-to-noise ratios, performs a direct power measurement of QAM signals and even displays the spectrum of the full reverse and forward paths.

Rent Trilithic Model Two

Data Storage

The Model Two saves up to thirty-five Level, Tilt, Spectrum, Channel Scan, Limit Test, and AutoTest measurement data files.

AutoTest Programs

Groups of tests can be assembled into automatic procedures that can be executed with one keystroke using the Model Two.

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