Trilithic Tricorder II

In addition to measuring signals for you, Tricorder II’s sdB feature enables you to measure aural/visual or hi/lo pilot carrier ratios at the simple push of a button. Tricorder II can test uncalibrated leakage (standard) or calibrated if equipped with the CLI (Calibrated Leakage) option. Tricorder II is designed to maintain an active distribution system by performing key tests. This meter is effective for testing from the tap to the customer outlet.

Rent Trilithic Tricorder II CATV Signal Leakage Meter

Using the SLM and Leakage Monitor Functions, Tricorder II can identify and measure the following:

Signal Level
Signal Leakage
Super Leak Detection
Battery Voltage

Standard Tricorder Features

All Tricorders are designed to perform a variety of functions which enable them to measure signal levels and monitor leakage.


A Tricorder tunes a range of 5 – 1000 MHz band in 50 kHz steps or in accordance to a Channel Plan.

Each unit comes with NCTA, IRC HRC and “off-air” Channel Plans. You can also program your meter with two custom Channel Plans. For quick access, you can program the settings for up to ten commonly-used channels.

The Tricorder is equipped to measure carrier-to-noise and hum. Both measurements are semi-automated for speed and convenience.

As an aid to troubleshooting various types of power supply problems, the hum measuring function can differentiate between 60 Hz, 120 Hz and aggregate low frequency noise.



A basic, uncalibrated leakage monitor is standard for all Tricorders. Operating in this mode, a Tricorder can detect leaks as small as 20 µV/m when you are patrolling on foot. During mobile patrols, sensitivity increases to 5 µV/m. The strength of the leakage is indicated b a bar-graph LCD display as well as an audible tone which rises in pitch as you approach the leak. From the front panel, you can set the meter to monitor any frequency from 107 to 157.25 MHz; selectable in 12.5 kHz steps.


The SUPER PLUS Mode enables your Tricorder to utilize leakage test carriers which have been tagged by Trilithic’s CT-2 CHANNEL TAG. This mode is especially useful in overbuilt CATV systems.

When several CATV systems operate in the same area, it is often difficult to determine which system is the source of the detected leak. Use the CT-2 CHANNEL TAG unit to tag your test carrier with a unique, low frequency modulation. This modulation is invisible to the subscriber but is detected easily by the Tricorder. When the SUPER PLUS Mode is activated, your Unit responds ONLY to signals that have been tagged. This means the Meter will not respond to ignition noise, power line interference or leaks from overbuilt CATV systems.

Rent Trilithic Tricorder II CATV


This feature enables your Tricorder to automatically compensate digital measurements on a channel-by-channel basis. Programmable compensations are provided which enable you to assign user-defined compensations to the level readout for any channel included in L1 or L2 Learned Channel Plans and to any of the channels or frequencies stored in the 10 user memories. Use TriSetup (Version 1.06 or higher) to program the desired compensations

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